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    Triumph Vitesse MKII - Morris Minor 1000 Saloon 2 door

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  1. Sorry, i own a vitesse MKII 1971
  2. Hi everybody, i'd like to change the big panel under the dashboard, but i don't want to buy the panel, i'd like to do it by my own. My panel is in very poor condition, some parts is missing. So i'd like to know if somebody own the skecth of this part and can share it. Thanks for your answer Alex
  3. I tried to contact them few month ago when i had to change my rotoflex. But no answer. I tried by uisng the contact page. Maybe the phone contact should have better result but my english is too bad to have a phone conversation (technical). Maybe someone else had a better experience
  4. I tried differents speed and it’s pretty good between 1500 & 2500 rpm, above 2500 rpm the indication is not correct. For exemple 4000rpm indicate indicates on the tacho instead on 3500. So i’ll send it for a rebuilt.
  5. Thanks Pete and Roger for your answer. I tried this Pete's tips and it worked. But how is it possible the needle rotate on the axis ? Does it means, i have to send it for a rebuild? Alex
  6. So I have checked my tacho with an electric drill and a laser counter rev. When my electric drill is close to 612 rpm, the tacho indicate 3000 Rpm instead of 2150 / 2200 rpm. So i have to send my tacho to refurbish it.
  7. Thank you, so this weekend i'll check it
  8. Thanks thescrapman for your answer. Can you confirme the 282 rpm of the cable to indicates 1000rpm on the tacho. (tacho 3.55/1)
  9. Hello, i've the same issue on my vitesse. The read on the speedometer seems fine, when i'm driving at 60mph on the speedo, i obtain 56/57 mph with gps. But when i'm driving at 60/62mph, my tacho indicates 4000rpm with the OD on. I bought a laser counter rev which confirm the difference between the engine rpm and tacho indication. But to confirm that my tacho is out of order i'd like to check if the rpm of the cable is correct (maybe the gear under the ignition system is not correct) So Can you give me the rpm of the cable in order to indicate 1000rpm on the tacho. My tacho is a jaeger 3.55-1. So i think the cable have to do 1000/3.55 =282 rpm but i'm not sur. To check the cable rpm i'll cut a disc in cardboard, put a reflective sticker on it and use the laser counter rev. Thanks for your answer Alex
  10. Maybe the master cylinder is empty because Jeff didn't obstruct the brake pipe when he had dismantle the rear axle.
  11. Thanks to your help, the first side is reassemble.
  12. When i bought my car, i went to a restaurant in Watton at Stone "THE BULL", and it was run by a French woman. It was funny to be in the Middle of England to found a restaurant ran by a french. I'll apply french nationality but i've some work on the car before to be abble to do it
  13. @Chris A, i'm living between Dunkerque and St Omer. I'm not a "Ch'ti"... i'm most flemish
  14. Sorry Richard, i have no information of the history of this car Alex
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