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  1. Thank you for all your replies, very much appreciated.
  2. Hi, So my next naive question is about the carburetor settings when you have a sports exhaust fitted to a Mk2 1966 Spitfire? My new restored Spitfire has a brand new stainless steel twin sports exhaust fitted. Now we're trying to tune the engine to get it to run a bit smoother, I noticed, by accident, in the Rimmers Parts book for the Spitfire that it says that if you have a sports exhaust fitted to will need to tune the carburetor accordingly and possibly fit new needles. I was wondering if anyone had fitted a sports exhaust and then made any carb adjustments? Any advice most welcome Cheers, Kevin
  3. Thanks for all the advice as ever, I've ordered a replacement bush kit. I'll let you know how it goes 👍
  4. Thanks for all the replies, very helpful as ever 👍
  5. Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for anyone who can re-calibrate the speedo in my Mk2 Spitfire please. It seems to work fine but is registering a much lower speed than I'm actually doing! Thanks Kevin
  6. Hi, Having recently had a 1966 Mk2 Spitfire fully restored I've been able to take it for a test drive. One thing I've noticed is that the gear lever is very "sloppy" all the gears are there and work fine but it's a case of "well the gear is there somewhere" ! ? Any ideas what the problem could be or what we have done wrong? Any advice most welcome. Cheers, Kevin
  7. Hi, my Mk2 Spitfires total rebuild is nearing completion. I was discussing the doors locks with one of the guys doing most of the work, his view is not to bother fitting door locks, we've had two new outer doors skins so they would need holes drilled out etc, as they tend to not always work properly, and if anyone wants to break in they will just slash open the roof. He suggests fitting a Thatchem alarm instead. What do people think? Cheers, Kevin
  8. Some advice please. I'm looking to fit a set of inertia seat belts into my Mk2 Spitfire. I have two fixing points at the moment, rear wheel arch and transmission tunnel. I obviously need a two more fixing points , I guess somewhere on the floor behind the seat near the door for the one and a second on the rear wheel arch? . If I do this I'd need some sort of spreading plate on the floor pan and inside the wheel arch to bolt to? Does anyone have any advice or pics as to the best place to fit and how please? Any thoughts most welcome, thank you.
  9. Hi, I have a 1966 Mk2 Spitfire which is nearing the final stage of its complete restoration, I was just wondering if anyone had any info on the exact correct positioning of the various "badges" on the car? for example the "Triumph" lettering on the bonnet and boot, the "Spitfire4" badge on the boot and any others? Any advice / help would be gratefully received. Many thanks, Cheers, Kevin
  10. So taking all your very valuable and helpful advice into consideration I've ended up making the following decision, rightly or wrongly !!! I've bought a pair of Tex Classic Bullet Racing Mirrors, the ones with longer stems that allow more movement. I'm aiming to put them on the doors but wait until we've installed the seats so that I can sit in the car to make sure they are in the right position, before we start drilling holes !! The drivers door has convex glass and the passenger flat glass. I'll let you know how it goes !!! Thanks for your very valuable input, Cheers, Kevin
  11. Hi, I have a 1966 Mk2 Spitfire which is nearing the final stage of its complete restoration. I now have a few choices to make on the look and appearance of the car, such as door / wing mirrors? My questions are : Do I have any mirrors at all, does it look best with or without? If I do have mirrors do I have door or bonnet mounted? Then which style / type? The car is white with red interior if that makes any difference? Any thoughts? Cheers, Kevin
  12. Thank you all for your replies, very helpful and informative, much appreciated, Cheers Kevin
  13. Thanks for all your help on this, these are the first questions I've posted on your site and I've been very impressed on the speed of response and the answers provided, thank you
  14. Thank you for finding this, very helpful, thank you
  15. Brilliant, that's been very very helpful, thanks you
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