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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys. I have ordered a 750ml can of BH Dynax-UC to try and see. From test spray it looks exactly what I needed. cheers, pete
  2. Hi Doug, I was considering black as it would be a lot easier but I also wanted to try it body colour to see how it would go. the interior is chestnut but I will be redoing it all properly when I get to that stage. What is yours?
  3. Hi, I am midway through my complete resto of my 1973 GT6 MK3. I am planning to paint the chassis the same colour as the body (Mimosa Yellow) as I am under the impression this is how they were from factory. What is the best sort of transparent protection I can use over the top of this (if necessary) whilst preserving the yellow topcoat (I was thinking lacquer or something similar). I am keen to avoid underseal/waxoyl (this will obviously cover the mimosa yellow) other than injecting into the chassis box sections. The car won’t be drive as a daily runner so I think stone chips will be the biggest problem. However I want to be sensible as well so am open to whatever if it is the right thing. Has anyone done similar where they have kept the chassis the same colour as the body and was the topcoat paint enough to keep it protected or would you advise something else? Hope this makes sense Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Restoring my recently acquired GT6 mk3 (1973). When I disassembled the rear near side trunion and removed the drive shaft, it was missing one of the bearings that sits between the trunion housing and the drive shaft and there was significant scoring on the drive shaft (see attached photo). I suspect the bearing has broken up and disintegrated at some point previously. My question is: based on the attached photos and info, is the driveshaft reusable/repairable or is it worth just buying a replacement. I suspect the other side will have the same problem. The scoring is around where the bearings will sit between the drive shaft and the trunion housing, so it’s quite a critical location. The scores vary in depth, the deepest about 1mm. If I need to replace, does anyone have any recommendations for suppliers? Thanks.
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