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  1. hello How well does 2L gearbox parts work in a 1600 MK1 gearbox. What would be the main differences. Will syncro mesh and roller bearing(s) interact? regards Flemming
  2. Right, cd's with no hanky panky. Float's not punctured and float valves renewed during this fault analysis. Drop down float level, 18mm, okay. I haven't replaced Diaphragm's though, but they seem in good condition. May I add that there was a strange syntethic smell when the incident took place. It's told that carb fire happens, creating excessive heat and a deformed carb? Also, it happend within a minute or less. Very strange
  3. Throttles working fine and as said carbs has been undertaken major overhaul including centralizing needles, which seemed to be the issue in the first place.Fuel line's working. Compression 150 psi on all six. Spark on all six wires. Checked inlet leaks with starter spray. No leaks. Engine won't start by it self but starts with starter spray directly sprayed into front carb. Obviously a carb issue, but I wouldn't know where to look. Regards, Flemming
  4. Thank you for the good answers. The car's still not running. I did a manifold leak test with start spray. And I did a complete carb cleaning. No luck. I will check valve and the down part of the inlet manifld. I'm glad this didn't happen in the Alp's, where I drove three years ago:-) Regards, Flemming
  5. Out of the blue my vitesse 1600 lost power and stopped. Had one start with full choker on hot engine. Very high revs and a supecious synthetic smell. Ignition okay, compression okay, fuel okay. Have to had it towed to my garage. It was raining and dusk had settled on. Suspected the diaghrams and when I lifted the top of the carbs the front one was jamed. I.e, I had to use a soft hammer to get i loose and had to use substantial force to pull it of. The piston and needle was jamed. I replaced the piston, centralized and all, and have the piston to run alright. Enhine wont start, no fuel through front carb - at least three dry front plugs , compared to vissible wet three rear plugs. I checked both floath and replaced the needle valves. I blew air through visible holes, cleaned up and reassembled and fitted. Still no fuel to the front three cylinders - dessert dry plugs. When I blew air into tthe carb it pull up fuel fron the float chamber al right, meaning no cludging here. How can the carb get in a state like this? Fire? How come there's no fuel passing through the carb? Will a sufficient big leak in the inlet manifold take all suction power out of the carb?(I did saw some unusual smokw when the engine was running for a few seconds full choked and with very high revs.) Any comments most welcome. Thansk, Flemming
  6. When reading your comment one more time, I get the impression that the threads are sealed from factory - to avoid coolant leak through the thread!?
  7. Yes that's worth considering:-) At least to be able to drive the car to my garage some 60 miles away.
  8. how will the water find it's way through the threaded stud hole; which it clearly does? Yes, the stud is the front one of the three fixing the rocker cover.
  9. Hello When removing the rocker cover today to adjust valves on my Vitesse 1600, 1965, Solex model, I saw coolant running from the front stud threaded hole!!!! Coolant was also visible on the dipstick as small drops. I assume the head must be corroded to an extend that allows coolant to find it's way to the threaded hole. I furthermore assume that the cure will be a new reconditioned head. Please comment. regards Flemming
  10. Hello Is it possible to remove the 1/4 shafts for bearing/seal replacement without to have to completely remove the 1/2 shafts. According to WSM and Haynes for that matter it isn't; but some of you guys may have experienced it other ways? regards, Flemming
  11. Hello I got my Vitesse 1600 on axle stands ready for rear hub overhaul and UJ renewal. I did turn the ½ shafts by hand and noticed some balanced and smooth but never the less noticeable soft clicking noise from either the diff's inner parts or the inner most hub needle bearing. My question is if there's always some noise from the diff also in an unloaded set up as described. If so I don't have to renew bearings. regards, Flemming
  12. Hello Billus99 Thank you. I will look inti it. Zusuki might be a cheaper solution. regards, Flemming
  13. Hello Last Courier featured an article about modern front seats in a Vitesse/Herald. It was said that Suzuki Swift seats fits well. I'm not sure which Suzuki Swift model it is. Please help me out. regards Flemming
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