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Sidelight / indicator earth?

Stephen T

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Today I decided to fit the new Lucas 677 sidelights to my Spitfire 1500 only to find no earth wire or bullet connector bracket on my nice bright new shiny ones I bought and carefully stored several years ago.

I subsequently looked at several parts suppliers who show photographs with no earth or bracket (although others do).

Has it been found that there is sufficient grounding through the bodywork so it's not needed, or do I need a loop connection around one of the fixing bolts? 

Many thanks 


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Thanks Pete 

Ha ha and I thought getting a new loom would be a bit more plug and play .....

If I'm making up links presumably cable size is 1.2mm and would need a bullet on the other end of the eyelet to fit the earth in the loom?

Now all I need is the crimp tool - early Christmas present?



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