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  1. sounds like Dylan would be of more use ha ! pete
  2. it takes along while for the oil to ouse out the spout but a nice long spout keeps the pinkies safe Pete
  3. yes but too tired to answer ha ! give it a small nudge Pete
  4. we are talking Triumph here rule of thumb give or take a few thou /ml Pete
  5. so keep a spanner in the glove box ??? Pete
  6. syringe/funnels come on get a pump oil can use it on all the throttles door hinges locks and any thing that moves these are only £3. 98 at toolsation etc or halfords
  7. right here is an update we will be offering some light refreshents in the gazebo's and just for Doug the Not a Raffle raffle will be going ahead think we call it a prize giving this is all on the QT as the rules say NO but as we have been doing this for 28 years they turn a blind eye to our socialising efforts so its Still a picnic but we have the gazebo's open for light refreshments and a good social natter you may be asked to wear a mask in enclosed spaces and some displays (these are IWM rules) we will keep the gazebo's open so pleanty of freash air from the windy blow across the airfield this is good news . normal is getting.....more normal, we dont have to space cars or control any covid antics . do what you are happy with we will do our best so Tea Coffee and a bun fight is back on we wont be preparing our usual rolls etc but keep it simple rules apply Regards Pete and team
  8. Ok so Ive left the country with a covid pass and hiding for a while if you need to find out where they are located its a dark secret but google maps blown up big gives you a way in thro spome old gate posts down a bumpy drive https://www.carburetterexchange.co.uk/contact/
  9. agree the jet must be a little below the throat of the choke bore this makes for better atomisation from the jet have abrowse at Buckeye triumphs ignore this is TR based the basics are well shown on here https://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/carburetors Pete
  10. yes lean it off 1/'4 to 1/2 a turn should improve the whiff and may raise the vac to 19 18-21 was my idea of ok you could advance it a little more and lean it even more if you head for the 20s 21 might be a step too far CD/SU seem to run lower figures tah a fixed jet carb Doug gets his biccies from waitrose so thats a posh brown Pete
  11. certainly should have the fan behind the pulley start with makes sure all connections are clean , never/ do not mess with the control box brushes are sprung and retained in a carrier , if you lift the spring up and set its end to one side the brush with its wire can be removed if the brush has worn so much that the spring has no effort its worn out most manuals give the how to even have a look on you tube for clues Pete
  12. at £65 /ltr they know more about conning a profit than how these carburettors work or even read a triumph manual pete
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