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  1. have you disturbed the ht leads if you need to confirm where No 1 is remove plugs stick thumb over no1 hole turn engine slowly till you feel air start to push past thumb now turn to align TDC markers , flip dizzy cap and see where the rotor points ...thats where no1 lead needs to fit
  2. wiring with alternators is a lot simpler more reliable and better charge rates at lower rpm easy to fit with a few simple changes we used the orig bracket , shortened the front spacer boss and used a spacer on the rear lug bolt run a new heavier gauge wire from the 30amp lucar direct to the solenoid battery terminal the pic was my 64 1600 use the orig warning lamp wire to the smaller 17 amp lucar but join together the by disconnect at the regulator and join them together i would not use the orig dynamo regulator charge cabling ( you can at the control/regulator
  3. probably a build up over the years and its just dropped off the only crescent shapes are the crank thrust washers notorious of falling out whenthey wear out but they dont turn to paste dropped ones remain as metal have you put some senokot in the sump Ha ! Pete
  4. a couple of useful webasto/britax places have closed down you could call these may help https://www.bristolsunroofs.co.uk/sunroofspares.php the maker is normally on a label adjacent to the lock in the front frame theres a lot of webasto that are britax and a lot of britax that are webasto its a common mix up /guesswork Pete
  5. bump steer and bunny hops steers on bumps with the weaving indicates serious rear wheel toe errors two planks and a tape measure will show it up only takes a few minutes messing with pressures may change the ride comfort but has no effect on weaving or pot hole side steps/ bump steer pete
  6. Ive got a pea shooter ( std) bell silence from a vitesse i keep giving it away and it keeps returning as dosnt fit , but it came off one Pete
  7. yes agree with colin access is not easy , i have also suggested a hole saw to align and poke a socket with a nut inside through to fit the end of the bolt access to the caged plate is not easy Pete
  8. were there a picture that would help but found this http://www.british-stainless-exhaust.com/ Bell Stainless Steel backs this up by offering a lifetime warranty against defects for as long as you own the car. Pete
  9. its very common the banjo bolt shears , having said that i replaced the hose adaptor and the banjo bolt loosened and unscrewed with the fingers think im just lucky Pete
  10. if you drill out the hinge holes to suit the oversize this wont affect the plate which will still move about for some adjustment the plate is not as thick as a nut so they strip easy if overtightened torqure is reduced to 16/18 lbft where as a std nut would be more 19/21 lbft so hand tight , thats a nip and a short turn Pete
  11. would consider anything to boost the pension so long as youre not fussy about the colour i dont do saffron or mimosa or nappy yellows Pete
  12. Hi Just finished a kitchen make over with a £9 tin of Wickes grey gloss off with the cupboard doors and a lick with a brush followed by a whizz with a foam roller 20 doors and drawers for peanuts saves working on Brians been off the road for 30 yrs Gearbox or twiddling the 2000
  13. forgot to say on the dizzy cap thats anticlockwise from wherever No1 is Pete
  14. went Luton to Barnsley to collect a 2000 windscreen which still sits in the loft one day i will string it in , some time in its previous life some idiot had scored the laminated with a missing wiper blade but a glass polishing disc has not removed it but its invisible to the eye .... Pete
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