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  1. John Im pleased to hear that it certainly needs to be done right P
  2. the rear brakes have a lockheed adjuster bar witha ratchet and cable lever I used stag ones the shoe spreader is the same but the HB lever is 15mm longer so you get a far better handbrake and stag ones are far more available and much cheaper have a photo somewhere will look it out these adjusters were used on many other cars of the era its quite often the HB lever pivot is seized always get the shoes to self expand fully before you connect /adjust the cables Pete
  3. Mot results tell some recent work was hopefully completed as in 2016 it had some serious fails only 4 miles before it got a pass and shows as MOT Expired so make sure its registered as Historic and MOT exempt or get it MOT for peace of mind https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/ Pete Nearside rear brake binding (3.7.B.1) Steering component is not secure to the vehicle structure steering column loose (2.2.B.1a) Nearside Headlamp aim too low (1.8) Offside Headlamp aim too low (1.8) Windscreen washer provides insufficient washer liquid (8.2.3) Nearside Track rod end ball joint dust cover excessively deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (2.2.C.1c) Offside Track rod end ball joint dust cover excessively deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (2.2.C.1c) Offside Rear wheel bearing has excessive play (2.6.2) Nearside Front Suspension component mounting prescribed area is inadequately repaired chassis leg /tack welded (2.4.A.3) Offside Front Suspension component mounting prescribed area is inadequately repaired chassis leg /tack welded (2.4.A.3) Advisory notice item(s) Nearside Front wheel bearing has slight play (2.5.A.3c)
  4. as you can see the belt reel is at a bit of angle but it runs and locks fine like that a move to relocate a new position above the fuel tank is whats needed but thats another day....or not Pete
  5. there is some historic miss match that has never or cant be sorted out ..by who is the question Im now piggy in the middle i think ??? Ive raised the problem but have no understanding of the operational problems with the EPOS point of sale system we have bought into my question /Idea is why cant the brochure be turned into a shop with a click and add to basket its all there just needs the brains to work out how. it does get complicated as it has to link to membership etc / AO's discount etc. Pete
  6. canley's parts list shows a flag badge on a mk1 gt6 https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-gt6-mki/ii&diagram=triumph-gt6-mki/ii-bonnet-assembly-mki just above the letters as in 1600 guess it was about on some then Pete
  7. wrap something to keep the release agent on site to gain some soak coke cola works well and vinegar the acid may eat the alloy corrosion out Pete
  8. Pete Lewis

    Herald Estate

    side window rubbers no idea but a browse through all the extrusions C O Baines make might find one you can replicate they make all the seals everyone sells and have a vast selection https://coh-baines.co.uk/ Pete
  9. well if you do the OD mount you will never see if its worked where as the engine mounts are easier to monitor as in a Test Pete
  10. This has always been available if you dont have a paper hard copy https://www.tssc.org.uk/tssc/uploaded_files/2021 Shop Catalogue.pdf from the main club website click......... The Club scroll down ................this lists all the downloads club shop hard copy brochure is the first on the list as a member you get a new one every April to get members prices you need to be registered as a member as the log on is not the same as the forum from here you can select part numbers /colours/options to order by phone or on line .............if the on line is giving you a headache there are moves a foot to bring the online into a better place but this will not be overnight Pete
  11. print the parts brochure off go to main site and click the club all the downloads are there shop is first one on the list page 36 blk green blue red biscuit grey all models you need to be a signed on member to get members prices this is a different log in to the forum so best you need to register first https://www.tssc.org.uk/tssc/uploaded_files/2021 Shop Catalogue.pdf Pete
  12. what problems were you getting ?? if you fancy a ride with the carb up to sunny Luton i can have a good look ?? or many have good results from https://www.carburetterexchange.co.uk/ in Leighton Buzzard but that costs more than a packet of biscuits ha ! Pete
  13. as with any noise measuring there has to be regard for all the surrounding and surfaces from rebounding the racket for ministry noise levels on truck production we had to use specific open areas and be in certain gears to ensure a fixed road speed and engine torque power maximums seem to remember the run past had to start at 3/4 full power and accelerate , just poking a pickup at the tail pipe is not as clever as the measuring device you will get a subjective reading but that could be a mixture of where and how the noise was developed not whats really happening I remember doing specific noise tests on horns on the basis we couldnt hear either sample we bought the cheapest all had to be done on a windy Cranfield airfield in the middle of nowhere . a quick test at a race track pits area would not have been approved by the Gov representatives of the day Pete
  14. it should be marked up as toughened glass by the makers mark ie Triplex toughened etc eg http://www.bobine.nl/turner/01-general-information/triplex-glass-manufacturing-date-codes/ Ive been involved with screen sealing and seals over the years even with developing dry seal seals mostly on trucks but the principles or this era of fitting and sealing remains quite simple my Vit6 had laminated with a sun dim top which was far too low to look under and we even broke that taking it out the refitted was a toughened Pete
  15. the original and my recommended is simple gutter black sealant its very cheap easy to clean with white spirit apply to the seal flips prior to fitting string it in with good quality cord like woven sash cord that wont try to cut the seals lip, use an old glove or suchlike filled with sand to ake a soft whacker to bed the glass you can be quite rough with toughend glass it wont break but need to be very careful if the screen is a laminated very easy to crack it . to aid running the string round the grooves add a short length of tube to act as a threader overlap the string across the bottom and tape the ends on the glass to keep out of the sealer when first offering the screen up . work the strings from each side if the corners pull in to far you can pack the edge of the glass corner out with slivers of stuff like screen wash tube etc orig mouldings would be vulcaanised /formed corners some replacements are not so corners fall in due to the stretch effect around the radius Pete
  16. yes do search prices can be very varied try everwhere Pete
  17. yes the bearing spins against the fingers all the time its quite normal and has been doing that for 50 years if the bearing is new/bit stiff it can on some cause a chirruping noise as the fingers skid over the bearing face some have solved this by adding a stronger external spring to make firmer contact
  18. yes inertia reel pendulum box will foul the Rr 1/4 headlining the cadge nuts are at the extreme ends of the rear deck panel there are nuts under the seat base the rear panel are under the trim covering the N/S fits ok its the O/S that needs some spacing my offset is not the best idea as it could move if in an impact but for general use its ok and does pass its MOT ok getting the seat squab back in can be a fight to drop it behind its locations Pete
  19. after many years on torque control problems spring washers in the late 70s 80s were found to be totally useless even nylocs and similar dont help much a good washer a plain nut done to a specified torque( decent tightness) dont let torque let you think its something special works better for longer than all the lets mask the problem loose nuts as for a dynamo nut a good call for a impact gun would work so easiliy if you happen to have one if you havnt get it on your wish list if you dont have a torque meter this is very versatile form places like amazon
  20. dont know where this helps .....talking rear belts i found static fit my Mk2 easy fit but snag Oap's leaving the car too much loose belt fitting inertia has the problem the pendulum box fouls the headlining as the caged nuts are to close the edges of the rear shelf really needs a offset that wont pivot in a crash load to space the reels 25mm inboard there has been a variety of mods here to help space the reels away from the Rr 1/4 panel from welded plates to a bar across the shelf hey ho Pete
  21. the other intermittent is the actual ignition switch if the sweep contact has worn you may not be getting the ballast supply when cranking stops so this can give a i want to start but wont, does it crank ok when its died simple test add a small pea bulb to the coil ign feed make sure its on all the time when you try to start , if its dead theres a fault in the feed Pete
  22. there is a / or should be a spring inside the slave this keeps the bearing up against the fingers https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-vitesse&diagram=triumph-vitesse-vitesse-mkii-clutch if the bearing is only 16mm thick ( should be 19mm thick ) pull the spherical pivot post out and add a washer behind it to correct the arm angles Pete
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