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  1. you got BOOTS ???? all spit and polished I hope pete
  2. does that say what is its viscosity ??? stroms use engine oil while SU used to state a straight 20 workshop manual says engine oil so a refill with 20/50 engine oil in a Stromberg or SU is the far cheapest option you dont need any special product so when you have used this up refill with engine oil any cats pee will give you flat spots and poor acceleration , this dashpot is you enrichemnt pump for when you open the the throtles its important to keep it topped up and have the right oil inside to dampen any sudden piston rise . Pete
  3. and doesnt matter if you overfill it only drops into the carb and excess spillage gets burnt off in the engine Pete
  4. well there are just a few rusty body bolts and the sills can reduce movement , ok its not a job for the faint heated nor is to lightly back it into a wall either !!! whislt body bolts are easy to find they can be rusty and you can shear the odd bolt , not something to do without some strong tea and a back up plan find someone close who can steer you through the process so dont attampt without some good homework before you dream of trying . are you going to fit the strikers i sent you ??? worn but useable , like all the cars they are all getting older and worn in places you cant resolve easy Pete
  5. have you dreamed about moving the rear tub forwards a little ???? Pete
  6. have to ask ...why do you need to know how much is there a snag here ?? its very little Clives about right > just top up to just below the top of the damper tube so there is some resistance fitting the dashpot back in just use squirt of engine oil pete
  7. using CDSE150 the only ref i can find is a australian spec used neddles B5DG pETE
  8. or being sent to the tool stores for a Long weight , creeping under the apprentice school bench and weldlng steel toe caps together then pop rivet the tin mug to the bench we all started somewhere never too old just cant do what we used too !!!!! Pete
  9. the problems with any spindle re boring is keeping it concentric with the throttle bore if it goes off centre you will never get the idle under control as the butterfly doesnt seal the throat correctly it generally needs to be linebored/reamed on a fixed jig but ...needs must.......... a bit of careful alignment and it will work ...or not Pete
  10. something i have not flagged up is that Insurance Valuations will be available on site and membership renewals if needed from club shop Pete
  11. G3 is petrol /kerosene based so that should shift it try not to smoke at the same time or the result is more defined ha ! Pete
  12. im sure a good clean and new seals will be fine Pete
  13. i would think alloy may deform if there any fretting going on as its softer? than a steel wheel most with allloys up the stud size so that would allow a higher torque but the stud thread form and nut are the limiting factor as most alloy's have a thicker nave so need a longer stud so they up to the 7/16" or M12 studs then 65lbft is more normal Pete
  14. and the base setting is adjust to level the small delrin washer on the needle with the base of the air piston and yes you have a leaky 0 ring and Dougs right buckeye are a brilliant site for how to colourful clues https://www.buckeyetriumphs.org/carburetors Pete
  15. just looking and ........... https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-vitesse&diagram=triumph-vitesse-1600-engine the 1600 has the adaptor and possibly carried over to early MK1 its the sort of thing that came about from a standardising of the oil switch from a larger threaded early version
  16. thats exactly why so many get stripped or shear off completely and why many upgrade to 7/16unf or 12mm studs you wont shear them bear in mind the std torque for a 3/8unf bolt is around 31lbft so you are already on higher grade steel studs and nuts for the 38/42 but any done to a more average 60 will end up on the floor or you loosing a wheel ...not a good experience these design torques are there for a very good reason Pete
  17. if the inner has not broken you could just replace the inner cable from the dash end with a light film of grease , dont use oil , and always sparingly just feed it in and give it a twist and wiggle to engage the gearbox drive/or angle drive if its overdrive if you have overdrive and the angle drive its important a 7/16dia washer( any washer ) is fitted between the angle and the gearbox or the angle gets pre loaded and will fail ( which means tunnel off) if no overdrive sleep easy Pete
  18. colins got 3 arms and 15 fingers Pete
  19. daughters, she has had a Corsa for 5 years the tyre pressure warning keeps showing ive reset and blown the tyres but its still on 27psi all round on the B post is a plate with load and Tpsi specs try reading it yes it says 270 Kpa do a conversion its 39psi she is 42 and two kids at 6th form and college not got a brain between them well that put the light out ............. some people need the lights on and have someone IN Pete
  20. Pete Lewis

    Engine mount

    agree front of the turret and isnt there a turret flange that makes fitting a bit of a fiddle yours is correct Pete
  21. thats assuming the 175 is top adjuster ???? what vintage is the carb CD CDS bottom adjusters CDSE CDSEV etc top adjuster ( as doug shows ) in as much CD CDS dont leak but oil can be consumed if it gets pulled over the top of the dashpot pete
  22. no handbook with my new C4 its a download only 289 pages some ones taking the pee they have my money but i have to print my own handbook cobblers !!!! sorry forgot Im only the customer Pete
  23. what wrong with having a row with the sat nav girl
  24. the kink is often due to the pipe being a little too long and cutting 3mm off the tube helps the kink problem do make sure the pipe is fitted right through the rubber olive before yo do any trimming if its been flooding have a look at the float , i found the needle valve platform had small wear ridges with jammed the float valve , a light sanding didnt work but new floats solved it for good . Pete
  25. its common with many keyless if the fob is not been recognised you need to stand away and with luck it resets ive had a few over the years but still prefer the human touch so it does what you want not something it thinks needs to happen keyless is quite pointless techy Pete
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