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What to do when the country is under a State of National Emergency and you are ok.


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Sort the garage and give it a bit of a clean.
I pulled out the various Vitesse body panels I have been collecting over the years.

1 x front right NOS 13/60 guard
1 x set of possible aftermarket front guards from seam line down
1 x right rear NOS wing from door pillar to tail light
1 x pair lower door repair skins (about 150mm deep)
1 x pair aftermarket possible home made rear spats

I also have a bulkhead, doors and chassis (need to convert to Mk2 spec) in storage

I decided to remove a lot of the cardboard I had wrapping these panels as it takes up too much space and I relocated the panels in the roof to one place and put a protective sheet over them.
Also found a few trim panels for the doors and rear seat sides

But what was interesting (well for me) was that the Heralds built in NZ were only saloons so while the dimples for the convertible burst latch are on the door shuts they did not put the plates behind. But on the  NOS panel I have it has the dimples and mounting plate. I will assume that whist they built the cars here parts came from the UK.
Photo attached



Regarding the State of Emergency large amounts of NZ North Island have been badly affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. Here in Wellington we are possibly the only region to have not been affected. We are used to a bit of wind and rain here.

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