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Club phones are down apparently

Tom Hartley

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Phones are still down

A recent powercut in the area of our HQ blew one of the boards in the BT distribution units in the street that supplies the club

BT Engineers are working on it but are hampered by delivery of the replacement part

Phones and internet access in the club HQ may well be out of action for two more days

Whilst the club has a lack of connectivity it is unlikely to be able to send parts out or progress member matters very quickly

Please bear with us as we wait for BT to fix this

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thats good to hear Thanks  Tom  .

its amazing technology works things so quickly in the blink of an eye they take your money and when its all gone wrong 

youre only the customer so then  the long wait starts and the lost business takes a hit 

you would think BT boxes were spike protected 



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