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SORN problem

Mark B

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Hi all

I have a Mk1 Eunos (mx5) ran as a daily for last 10 years. Insurance runs out 22/06 and as I live in the proposed ULEZ extension area and the judicial review is not until the 4 July, I thought I would take the car off the road for a few Months to see how things pan out and use the Vitesse and gt6 as daily runner's.

Went online to try and SORN the car using the V5c document reference and Reg number which is the other option you have if you don't have a tax reminder. I pay by direct debit so don't get a paper reminder, it just automatically sets up a DD each year.

Have tried several times online using the V5c Doc reference number and reg and just get an error message, that something went wrong try again or register SORN by phone. Tried the phone option but get a recorded message saying something went wrong?

Not sure what to do next, the worry is it says you need to declare  SORN if not insured.  I have already cancelled the Insurance renewal for the Mx5 which expires midnight tomorrow, just renewing the vitesse and gt6 insurance.

Any thoughts, advice?

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Could it be a problem with the system at DVLA? I know it can be awful trying to get anyone there on the phone but there are other options such as webchat and email to try. Additionally it seems theres quite a long time period available for getting a car on to a SORN and you first get a warning letter reminding you so theres no immediate panic...  

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Thanks for the reply Johny

Found the webchat link, and was going to contact them, then thought I would have one last try to SORN online this morning, and it worked.

Tried several times last evening on two different computer operating systems, Mac and android, and a couple of times on the phone, with no joy.

Like you said could have possibly been a problem with the DVLA site.


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