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Spitfire Mk3 Bonnet Stay Fixings

Mark B

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I have two Spit Mk3 bonnets. The blue one is a 1968, the white a 1970. I never noticed before, but the holes where the bonnet stay attaches to the inner wheel arch are different sizes. The earlier bonnet has the small hole that I remember, the later white bonnet has a large hole. I cant remember seeing this on any other Triumph, Vitesse, Herald, Gt6 or the later 1500 Spitfires. Has it worn through or been drilled out? or is there a large bush that fits in the hole? I can only remember there being a small hole, nut, bolt and spacer on all the bonnets?

20230704_183515 (1).jpg

20230704_183614 (1).jpg

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