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Hello! I was the son of a late member.

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I was once (presumably) a child member of stated club! I was the son of a man named Warren who owned a black GT6 MK.III 1972 from roughly 2010 until 2015. If you have any questions or have a rough idea who may own a particular matching car then do not hesistate to ask/answer! :)

Car stats were as follows...

150 BHP (originally only 103).
Straight 6 engine (stage II).
Tripple Webbers.
Fuel: petrol.
Overdrive for 4th gear.
No power steering.


Any other info might be in my About Me section.


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1 hour ago, dougbgt6 said:

DVLA says there is a black GT6 TJY404L taxed until 1st August 2023. Last MOT was 2017 at 97, 140 miles. A lot of failures but passed on re-test. No MOTs since, so MOT exempt.

It's still around!


Thank you, Doug!

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