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  1. How about this? Smartscreen Intermittent Wiper Kit Classic Cars Negative Earth - F361 | eBay Doug
  2. I think I may have to pop out to the shops. db
  3. dougbgt6


    I used strimmer cord, didn't she have any? Doug
  4. Vacuum and compression are good but chocolate brown sounds a bit rich. Biscuit is the target. Doug
  5. I think Triumphs were all Girling? Mine was, I've replaced it with a Lockheed, much better! Doug
  6. Chris, There are many variations of CDSEs, but there are two forms of adjustment. With top adjusters the needle is turned up and down with a special tool through the top of the carb. And with bottom adjusters the jet is wound up and down from below the reservoir. With bottom adjusters the neck of the fixed needle should be flush with the bottom of the piston. On the top adjusters the fixed jet should be just below the bridge, 1/32". Doug
  7. What Johny said. Sitting in that position I dropped a spanner which against all odds briefly shorted the starter solenoid. This fired the starter motor and the in gear the car jump forward. I have a battery isolator now. Doug
  8. Alternatively it spills all over the carb and onto your best boots. Doug
  9. Chris, Late USA TR6's have Stromberg CDSE 175s on the 2.5, so as Clive says, not big enough? Maybe not the answer you want to hear. Doug
  10. TB, Yeh, tunnel off is an easy, but tedious job, some take the seats out, but it's not necessary, you can wiggle it out. You might like to consider cutting an access hole in the cover, if you haven't already got one, so you can do gearbox top ups. Doug Doug
  11. Brian, Yes it's the "O" ring. And yes, the needle comes out the bottom and the adjuster mechanism is pushed out the top, but you will loose the setting. With the piston out the carb, use the adjusting tool to separate the needle and the adjuster. Also remember that the screw in the side is a locating screw not a clamp, it goes into a slot on the side of the needle and stops the needle from rotating, but allows it to move up and down. So when separating don't take the locating screw out or the needle will just turn around and around. Once separated take the screw out and carefully pull out the needle. And when you put it back together ensure the slot and screw line up! You'll need a small hammer and drift to push the adjuster mechanism out, I used the blunt end of an old drill bit. The Sprag washer can be re-used, it just holds everything in place. I found the new "O" ring once on the adjuster mechanism was a force fit back into the bore. Hammer and drill bit again. Doug
  12. Waitrose only opens between 10am and 4pm on a Sunday. Dreadful! When It was built 20 years they would block off the booze isle at 3pm so we wicked soaks couldn't get at the demon drink. Licensing laws! If we arrived too late we would have to drive to the Muslim 24 hour off license to load up. They never got busted. db
  13. Indeed, but it's a Stromberg on aTR6 so I'm thinking USA and Buckeye Triumphs! db
  14. I had an electric hand brake on my last modern and had the same concern. Does it fail off, or on? If you're on the motorway you want it to fail off, but if the car's parked on a hill you want it to fail on. Never did find out. An OBD2 meter is now essential, my last modern's dashboard would repeatedly light up like a Christmas tree until reset with the magic box. It was all due to rainwater getting into the wiring and causing havoc. I have much the same problem with the Triumph, so not a great deal of progress in automobile technology as you might think. Doug
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