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  1. I drove 500 miles to Grant's Hoose in Scotland to get a Jaguar heated rear windscreen, it wasn't even for me! It was for ClassicLife aka Richard. Well, not THAT altruistic as it was only 10 miles from mother's house, sorry, hoose. Doug
  2. I replaced my stainless exhaust a couple of years ago, I think I bought it from Rimmers 40 years ago, but who knows? The old system stainless bits were OK, but some of the welds were shot as were the internal baffles. Don't mess about, get a new one. Doug
  3. Sounds like you might be up for doing prostates, on the side? db
  4. My sartorial advisors tell me grey is the new black, so you're at the forefront of fashion, as ever. Are you available to do mine? Doug
  5. Do they do them with a Lithium-ion battery yet? I have the same model which has an older tech battery, it holds a charge for about a week! Conversely I have a L-i strimmer which holds a charge all Winter. Doug
  6. NOT SPIRE CLIPS!!!! We were talking about the plates with the key hole cut out when John helpfully told us about spire clips and there followed much confusion. My spire clips are original and got re-used, I also had a lot of the original key hole plates so only the screws and the inadequate draught excluder from the kit got used. Doug
  7. Indeed they do, but we were talking about the clips in the fixing kit which don’t. Doug
  8. dougbgt6


    Mine to, I don't really remember db
  9. Well I'm surprised! I've never seen them other than on the edge on the tunnel lip and I've seen a few. And they are not flat, they have a lip which if they were on the metal floor would raise the tunnel and I'd need a third layer of insulating tape! Doug
  10. The club insurance panel don't charge nearly as much as that! £40 is nearly half the premium. Doug
  11. Great when the panel is card, but not necessary on plastic. Aidan, I put in an additional layer of draught excluder. db
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