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2500 hazard light fitting

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Here's a couple of things that might possibly be help.

The instructions fromm Moss are for a generic fitting kit but might provide some orientation.

The scan is of the wiring diagram for a 2500 which just happens to show the circuitry for English/German fitments repsectively without and with hazard warning lights.

The part I find tricky regarding HWLs is the switch itself. It has (typically) six terminals but deducing which terminal relates to which wire can be less than obvious. An original 'rocker' type warning switch will have the terminals numbered in near-microscopic characters on the terminal side. On the push-pull type switch I don't know.

A useful aspect to grasp is that for a system with HWLs two power feeds are needed. One, a fused and (ignition) switched line feeds the flashers in signalling mode. But the hazard lights require a fused but unswitched feed such that the HWLs work with ignituion off. And, of course, a system with HWLs needs two flasher units -  but they are not the same and the one for the hazard circuit needs to have about twice the current rating of that for signalling.

That's hardly a comprehensive guide but hopefully it will get you started.


GSS159_instructions.pdf IMG_20230725_0002.pdf

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