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Rev Counter Repair


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Good Evening the Forum

Does anybody have a picture of the circuit board inside a smiths rev counter or know how the board is wired. I was trying to tidy mine up. The dial was loose and the white inside was looking a little tatty. Unfortunately I undid all the screws and it fell apart. I managed to refit the circuit board in its place and screw this back together. I tightened the dial faceplate which was loose. Painted the outer case and as I was putting back together noticed a couple of wires had come loose. A red and a black. I soldered them back and then found the blue component had fell off. What a day so I now have a great looking gauge but it's not working as unsure where this blue component should be soldered on. 

I know it's a long shot but maybe somebody may know how to repair it or maybe its down to the scrapyard. Incidents its out of a mk 3 spitfire. The ref RVC 2414/01F. I have picture pre the blue component falling off but its not good enough to tell where it should go. I don't even know what the blue component is. I think I got the black and red wires back correctly. I know I am clutching at straws.

Thanks for any advice


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Many thanks for the offer and advice. I did find a previous photo I had which with close inspection did show how the blue component was soldered. However it still didn't work. I don't think it helped falling off my work bench. Had a couple more goes but no luck but managed to source  a very reasonable priced used one. Tatty outer case and bezel. Have shaped mine over and now have a good looking working rev counter. Now it's solved do I need to close this topic. Unsure how to do this as from is very new to me.

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