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Stromberg CD 150 bushing height


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Hello All.

With the top of my carbs removed I noticed a difference in height of the bushing/ bushing screw assembly.

The rear one was slightly proud of the carb body when looking through the air filter side of the carb, and the front bushing height was lower.

Both bushing screws were fully tightened into the carb body.

Is it possible to adjust the bushings? (I thought they should be level with the flat surface of the carb body when viewed from the air filter side of the carbs.

Many thanks.


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1 hour ago, Pete Lewis said:

there should be a alloy sealing washer between the top bushing and the carb body 

MkII 2 Litre Stromberg Carburettors : Canley Classics

my guess is its missing 


Oh dear Mr Lewis, washer wasn’t missing.

It was the wrong one fitted - so I have no hesitation in saying it…….. YOU WERE RIGHT AGAIN !👍👍👍

Absolutely brilliant !

Many thanks.


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So, today I have been able to identify where the incorrect washer that was sat between the top bushing and the carb body came from.

I removed the needle valve to clean it and was able to confirm that the previously mentioned incorrect washer in the top bushing was exactly the same as the needle valve one.

I then checked the float heights, one was at 14mm and the other at 23mmm. I adjusted the first carb to 18mm and both plastic bowls were the same height .

 I then tried to repeat the process on the second carb but was unable to measure the plastic bowls on the float at the same height. This was due to the previous owner fitting a new float UPSIDE DOWN.

I guess all of these issues are contributing to my difficulty in adjusting the mixture and tick over?

 I’m hoping to see a difference when the new washers and gaskets arrive…… fingers crossed 🤞

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upside down dual valve arm floats are often upside down  

youre not alone with that mistake 

good place for techy photo's is our old friends at buckeye triumphs  yes its aimed at TR but the basics and pictures are

common to most strombergs and getting the correct alloy sealing washers can be a bit of a search for supplies 

 Carburetors — Buckeye Triumphs

and just to add many repair?? kits have a whole selection of gaskets to cover the evolution

of float chamber shapes over the years , use the wrong one and you get a leaker 

0 rings from the  box sets wont fit anywhere and thick diaphragms from recycled elephant condoms will give you grief ... must be gossamer /thin and flexible

use engine oil in the dash pot 

on bottom adjusters start with around 3 turns down from flush on top adjusters level the small delrin washer on the needle with the base of the piston

if you have temperature compensators on the side make sure they are sealed and FULLY closed 

if they are open when age/poor setting you cannot set the idle mixture 

and the suns out 





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Pete  thanks for that  , you have probably guessed that i stick to triumph basics  as they just work

must haves just make headaches 

there is lots of good and rubbish documentation available its sifting through the myths and using facts thats where many go wrong 

and you wont find me on any FB   full of too many myths 

keep smiling  



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