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A little while ago while the handbrake was on my foot slipped off the clutch pedal but, instead of stalling there was a clanking noise, the engine didn't stall!!  Since then there has, on ocassion, been a brief "weird" noise which would disappear and the car, a Mk1 Vitesse with a late Mk3 GT6 engine, seems to run okay although, again, very ocassionaly, it fwlt as the the clutch was "slipping"!! However, as the car had stood for a while and needed moving I decided to start her and reverse out of the garage which has a very slight slope but sufficient for the car to roll freely!  Here's where it gets stranger, having engaged reverse and moving backwards a little, although whether that was through gearing or "freely"!  On trying to drive back into the garage in first gear and, although there was resistance when depressing the clutch,  1st gear didn't engage and I simply rolled a little farther out of the garage!!  The engine runs smoothly when revved and, with the handbrake on, all gears locate freely without any discernable "crunching"!  Who's first on this one... ??

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I would guess something originally happened to the clutch friction plate and has now failed completely so drive is not being transmitted from the flywheel to the gearbox input shaft. The clutch hydraulics and pressure plate still work correctly ao I wonder if it will still go into gear with engine running but pedal NOT pressed?

Hopefully the problem is with the clutch and not inside the gearbox....

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