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KYK711D Vitesse 1600/6- Electrical Problems

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Well!  Having fitted the Loom which was missing the front and rear wiring, I have now got everything working apart from the Indicators and Brake lights!   I hit a wall with this as being unwell and unable to find a Auto Electrician whom is into Classic Cars it is now 4 months on!  Jason came over on Sunday morning and spent 2 hours going thro the wiring to find I had wrongly connected 2 wires but the main problem was that the Twin Connectors for the Brake and Side Lights had disintergrated and both the Indicator Connectors in the rear had also done the same?  I went everywhere looking for a complete New Complete backing plates with holders to no avail!  Then I found  2 x Twin and 2 x Single Bulb connectors with springs at Rimmer Bros for the price of £23.00 delivered!  In the next few weeks I am hoping to get these up and running, and then it will be time to fit the Dash back in and start on fitting the new Underlay and Carpets, Door cards and Seats etc!

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