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Electronic Tachometer conversion


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Hello All

             Some of you may be interested in this?


It all started when I converted my brother in laws TR6 to Megajolt ignition and we wanted to convert the tachometer to electronic and remove the distributor etc.


I picked up a 6 cylinder Smiths RVC type tachometer with a view to converting the existing one, but I could not get it to work on the Megajolt

(the one on my Spitfire works perfectly?) so I just assumed I had picked up a duff one(but it was in a leyland box and looked new?)


Now we move on 9 months and I was thinking of this problem(I will be fitting a differential I have rebuilt soon and wanted to do the tachometer as well)


So I was browsing the Tinter web and came across this site.




So emailed Marco to ask if it would work on the Megajolt system and he said it should ok.


He also offered to send me one free of charge to try and if it did not work I could just return it (what a pleasant change)


So he sent me one with a cadboard dial and pointer and wired and set up for 4 cylinders and 7000rpm as per Spitfire.


When it arrived I found I could run it along side the one in the car and also I connected the laptop so I could see the RPM on the Megajolt software.


Result it looks good and accurate and well made(it may be very slighly slower at returning but not enough to bothered by)


So here are a few you thingy clips so you can see for yourselves(I have just got to build it into the original one but should not have to drill more holes in the dial as it has slots to take the screws)







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Hi Roger,


Thanks for posting this.  It's always good to hear good reports of services for our cars, and your guys have obviously done a good job.


Incidentally, I converted my Vitesse's tacho to electric, using the innards of a MkII PI tacho.  Needle and dial are Vitesse, so it is an undetectable change.


Please post an update when all fitted up.



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