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  1. Hello Mathew There was no motorway driving in this and we tend to drive spiritedly especially on the twisty bits (3rd gear and in and out of overdrive sometimes 2nd and overdrive) I think if I did a long drive on an A road at 50/60mph and level it would be nearer 50mpg Roger
  2. Hello All I have just done me sums again and in 2787 miles I used 58.5 gallons = 47.64 mpg So is a bit better than I thought and the engine has done over 13,000 miles since the rebuild Roger
  3. Hello All I have fuel injection with ITB's and Microsquirt ecu The engine is fully balanced and a Newman fast road cam, head ported by me! rods polished balanced and shot peened the block is decked and compression ratio is about 9.75 to 1, 4 branch manifold I have a 28% overdrive and I can use it on 2nd gear when needed(up hill twisty roads!) I have noted the fuel over the 3500 miles and I am getting 45mpg overall I can see a few places it could be leaned off from the guage in the car! I am not going to at the moment as I think that E10 may make it a bit weaker although I give the ECU a 6% control to alter things Roger
  4. Hello Pete The yellow one is a Pitts special and the other is a Yak 52 I have forgot what the other Yak is If you go to aircraft registations you can read about them
  5. Hello All We have covered 3500 miles this year by goig out most Wednesdays with other friends in the TR4,TR6 GT6,MGB GT,etc I organize the runs with breakfast and at least one Cake and Coffee stop! Mileage is between 100 & 200 miles home to home
  6. Hello Colin I thought this might be medical (Warped Mind!)
  7. Hello Alan Behind the lefthand boot hinge(looking from the back) Roger
  8. Hello I use this oil as well and have done for about 8 years! it seem to come out the same colour as when it went in! Its a bit expensive but so is a diff rebuild! Roger
  9. Hello Johny Not if you fit a Nippon Denso alternator Roger
  10. Hello Chris I thought of doing this but someone on another forum pointed out it alters the geometry and it has taken him some time to get it back to handle the same! The pivot is a bit farther out! so a lot of work to sort out! Roger ps it addled my brain so just oiled the trunnions again as usual Roger
  11. Hello Pete It would raise the compression ratio a bit unless you open up the chambers a bit. Roger
  12. Hello All That's how I fitted the ones to Spitty Roger
  13. Hello John I think the cam sizes seem about right for the small journal! just needs the block line bored But there are better people on here that know better ! Roger
  14. Hello John The WSM gives 1.9659 - 1.9664 for end journals 1.9440 - 1.9654 for middle ones Haynes gives the same and also 1.9680 - 1.9695 for the block Roger ps large journal cam take one from the other and you get 0.125" give or take a bit so 0.0625" shell thickness! (I mean small journal cam)
  15. Hello John They are the same bearings just 2 less so the same! they only left them out to save money! Basically you have got to have the block bored to the same(Triumph saving money!) We love our cars but they were parts bin made sometimes! Just look how many parts fit so many different models? If you you look at large journal and small journal cams it is the shell difference in diameter!(cheap!!) and more than adequate for a road car!# Roger
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