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  1. Hello Pete It would raise the compression ratio a bit unless you open up the chambers a bit. Roger
  2. Hello All That's how I fitted the ones to Spitty Roger
  3. Hello John I think the cam sizes seem about right for the small journal! just needs the block line bored But there are better people on here that know better ! Roger
  4. Hello John The WSM gives 1.9659 - 1.9664 for end journals 1.9440 - 1.9654 for middle ones Haynes gives the same and also 1.9680 - 1.9695 for the block Roger ps large journal cam take one from the other and you get 0.125" give or take a bit so 0.0625" shell thickness! (I mean small journal cam)
  5. Hello John They are the same bearings just 2 less so the same! they only left them out to save money! Basically you have got to have the block bored to the same(Triumph saving money!) We love our cars but they were parts bin made sometimes! Just look how many parts fit so many different models? If you you look at large journal and small journal cams it is the shell difference in diameter!(cheap!!) and more than adequate for a road car!# Roger
  6. Hello John I think you will find it is 3.1 Thou and 4.1 Thou Roger
  7. Hello Jeff I do not think Lucas would have fitted one of those. That is a shakeproof type! They normally fitted the wavy washer that acts like a spring if you google wavy washer you will see what I mean Roger
  8. Hello All I fitted bearings to the new engine and as far as I know they are still ok (1500) But I did turn up a Go and No Go gauge to check the bores to make sure they would be ok! But 5k to 8k later they are still ok. But John you need a GOOD machine shop to bore them in line and to size Roger
  9. Hello Jeff Did the bracket I sent you not fit then? Roger
  10. Hello Jeff I have a rebuilt Dynamo that has not done many miles going spare if you are interested? I have the paper work for the repairs somewhere! I came off our Mk1 Vitesse as I am going to an Alternator Roger
  11. Hello All 4 cars and 6 people met for Breakfast at Tony's Diner Bridgnorth went for a run Yesterday up onto the Long Mynd and back via Leominster to Bringsty Common Café We did 135 miles Roger
  12. Hello Jeff I drove the car home with hard top on. It was removed the next day or so and never went back on(its was a convertible!) Still each to there own. Roger
  13. Hello All I have found the receipt for the veneer and it is the one I put a link to(not from that firm) Roger
  14. Hello All I have sorted out my spare piece of veneer it looks ok just a bit wrinkled but I have wet it and clamped it between 2 sheets of plywood with some lining paper to flatten it. I have done a bit of reinforcing of the cardboard backing and the plywood front. The one in Spitty still looks good and not faded(we rarely put the hood up unless peeing down! Roger
  15. Hello Mathew You started late and have a long way to go yet! (75) I still have 3 Motorcycles(Velocette's) 3 Triumphs and a Morris Minor Traveller! I did sell a Vitesse a few weeks ago so that's a start? and a few parts! Roger
  16. Hello Cliff I think it may be this one? BUBINGA (KEVA) | Woodsons Industry I think Burr Walnut is to OTT for Triumphs (they were a mass produced cars!) but the standard finish was picked by bean counters! and they would need to know supplies would be consistent! (RR did not have the same problem!) Roger
  17. Hello Cliff I can not remember but I will look through my notes and see if I can find the name! I think it was African something? I have enough left to do the Vitesse dashboard. Roger
  18. Hello Cliff Bloody PC's !!! (It could not possibly be my fault?) Plastic Coating & Hardener Gloss | Rustins Roger
  19. Hello Cliff I re veneered the dashboard in Spitty about 5 years ago and it still looks good. I used this glue Gorilla Glue 60ml 1044202 Multi Purpose Extra Strong Glue | eBay I used this coating. Gorilla Glue 60ml 1044202 Multi Purpose Extra Strong Glue | eBay It is not difficult but takes time! I think I put about 10 coats on it with lots of flatting down in between final grade was 2000 wet and dry then Rustins burnishing cream. Roger ps just about to do the Vitesse one.
  20. Hello All It was my way of getting rid of a load of cardboard! It looks good on your car but I must admit I am not a fan of hard tops! Roger
  21. Hello All I am trying to find a courier to take a Vitesse hard top from midlands to Tyneside at a reasonable price! All the DHL etc seem to not do it and a man with a van seems to be £150+! Roger
  22. Hello All I had 2 letters from DVLA! One is a tax reminder for a Triumph Vitesse The other one is to say their records have been up dated and I am no longer the keeper of this vehicle Triumph Vitesse as in letter one!!! Both in the same post! Roger
  23. Hello Paul Try these 2 Vitessesteve Lucas Manuals Free Triumph car info - Vitessesteve Roger
  24. Hello All So that means they are safe for us but maybe a bit more expensive ! But lots spend a lot more on Bling and only drive a few hundred miles a year! I know were my money goes! Roger
  25. Hello All This is the one I use. Red Line Heavy ShockProof (classic-oils.net) Roger
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