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TR6 Hi Torque starter query


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Hi, I am replacing the old starter on my 1972 TR6 with a hi torque Powerlite unit obtained from the club. On removing the old starter there was no spacer. Is that usual? The Powerlite unit has the fixed top bolt and when placing it in position the unthreaded part of the bolt is showing as protruding slightly on the gearbox side. Does this indicate that there should be a spacer between the starter and car or should I just put some thick washer(s) over the bolt on the exit side to cover the unthreaded part?





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Thanks for the reply on Sunday Pete!


It is pre-engaged with, as you say, piggy back solenoid. Garth kindly looked on parts manuals for me and couldn't see any sign of a spacer so a bit mysterious.


I called TRGB who told me that some do and others don't have the spacers. They advised me to check the throw out between the pre-engaged and hi torque unit. If they end up in the same place I shouldn't have a problem, hopefully. I will have to cover the protruding unthreaded part of the fixed bolt with some thick washers.

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