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GT6 Exhaust Manifold Decision

Mike T

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I have a Mk3 GT6 which has a standard manifold and down pipe but then a twin silencer sports system. I have a 6-2-1 manifold I bought with the exhaust system but I am undecided whether to fit it.  I believe the engine is currently standard though I might do some mild tweaks in the future.


I would welcome thoughts on the merits of the 6-2-1 configuration over the standard manifold. I have read that it does not deliver anything except at the top end of the rev range but would be interested to hear from anyone who has fitted one


At the moment I am leaning towards not changing the manifold but I would welcome advice.




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One thing you get with any tubular be ot 621 631 is the tubes make more detonation noise they can be quite pingy compared to a cast manifold


many 21 31 collector conections can be difficult to seal as they are normally a loose fit to allow the tubes to shift around with the expansion that takes place .

if you do fit one do check the ports align correctly with the head porting.

a 631bcan be a tight fit to thebsteering column a 621 should have better clearance.

many have concluded a 621 gives little gain


theres no real improvement for general or gentle driving , most aid at high revs theres been lots of discusion on these , so some like the look, some like the noise , some like the power gain

some find them more trouble than gain


its one of those preference things love it or hate it

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