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Oil gallery plug leak, again.


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Thinking I might have a crankshaft rear oil seal leak on my 13\60,  I took out the gearbox etc., only to find the oil appeared to come from the oil gallery plug at the top left hand side of the rear face of the engine. I unscrewed the plug, checked the thread,(seemed ok) degreased, and screwed it back with locktight threadlock. Needless to say, there was still an oil leak ( poss worse than before) , so I stripped it down again and it seemed that this is the only place where the oil is coming from.


My questions are ;

Why is there a plug there anyway?

Can I glue this beast in permanently ?

Is there anywhere else where oil can come from in that area that I am missing ?


    Thanks.  Webbo.


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it seals the bore in the end in the oil gallery, its under  full oil pressure and needs a copper washer and if needed some sealant 

like loctite 574  ( brilliant stuff)  or simlar that seals hard when air is expelled from the joint,

normal  thread lock is not a oil tight sealant  

I wouldnt  use a  soft sealant may well blow out under the oil pressure.


there is a welch plug/core plug above the threaded plug that seals the end of the cam bore , this is under less pressure but can leak, 

and dont miss out on the rocker cover joint leaking and running down the back of the head/block.


if thats any help 



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