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SAH tuning 1300/1500 manifold and CD150 kit

Pete Lewis

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just collected for a clean up and assessment of a pair of CD150 carbs

guess what see Colins article on SAH ( in the November Courier page 10) who were in Leighton Buzzard and he shows a manifold and twin CD150 being rather rare nowdays

well Guess whats in the box exactly those a slightly dirty but unworn pair of CD150 on the SAH 562 manifold whoopee!!!


so now need someone with deep pockets and a 1300/1500 that wants to go BIGGER.

this only suits the head porting of the 1296 /1494cc 4 cyl and not the 1147cc

and probably needs a 421 exhaust to make the benefit of increasing to 1.5" breathing



serious offers only as need to make this a classified



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