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Excited about my rear suspension rebuild.

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For about the first time ever i've paid for someone else to do the work on my 'hobby' car GT6. I'm still finishing building a Dax Rush and it has been a big step paying someone else to do the work. However, where i'm storing the GT6 over winter they are working on lots of classics and the mechanic is a real enthusiast.



So i'm really excited and can't wait for the spring and the salt to go.


I ordered a full polybush kit from the club and a CV kit to replace the donuts and new wheel bearings. Along with new gaz adjustable dampers i'm hoping that I notice the difference. I can't help but feel that CV joints are going to make it feel different to the rubber donuts and that polybushs and new adjustable dampers will make it feel tauter??


Roll on spring I can't wait.

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Hi Brian,


I did this job on my Vitesse earlier this year.  The new bearings that came with the CV-jointed half-shafts made a noticeable improvement (much quieter) and the new, GAZ dampers made a huge difference to the very old ones they replaced.  I am not sure that much is evident in the feel of the donut to the cv.  I never felt or experienced the wind-up that people talk about (well not from the donuts anyway!).  But a great improvement overall and I don't think you'll be disappointed.


Let us know how you get on.



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That work will make the car feel better, plus no worries about having to replace the donuts or them fall apart.


One thing worth a mention, does teh chap doing the work understand the setting up proceedure for the hub bearings? it is a bit different, so may be worth getting a copy of how it is done, and talk him through it. If not done correctly, the bearings will have a very short life.

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