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I'm making progress with the CV conversion using the Rover 100 driveshaft option.


However, one of the d/shafts became disengaged from its bearing seating at the hub end. On stripping this down the bearing seat ring was at 45 degrees with some of the ball bearings underneath the bearing ring.


I tapped the bearing ring so that it became level within the assembly, albeit all the ball bearing are now under the ring. I am 99.9% certain that this cannot be correct and I think the bearings should be inside the race because at the moment I cannot turn the bearing assembly at all and I would expect to be able to do this.


Do I need to pull the ring out and reseat the ball bearings etc ?? Obviously I am loathe to open up the other d/shaft for comparison purposes.


So I'm a bit stumped at the moment and have attached some photos to make the above clearer.


Any thoughts and advice will be gratefully appreciated.


Thank you.






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Hello Pete.


Many thanks for that and useful.


Of course after lunch and a cuppa it all became obvious - not sure why I was confusing myself; apart from easily done !!


Should have realised that the ring on the top is in fact to hold the ball bearings in situ and allow the unit to have angular movement rather than rotational movement.


Back on course !!


Thanks again.



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