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A Rising Shock !!


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I have just purchased a set of NOS Spax Krypton shocks which are to be fitted to the rear of a classic car, not a Triumph.


Arrived today and all looks very good and they are the units with a rather plentiful supply of 28 settings !!


Removing the packing tape that keeps the units compressed during storage and delivery, I have noted that one of the units slowly lengthens on its own accord whilst the other does not. The lengthening of the shock is gradual but progressive until it can go no further.


I have pumped the shocks several times to activate them and the stiffness upon compression appears equal as does extending them; having set the units to notch number 18 as a start point.


So, is this just one of those idiosyncrasies of a shock absorber or should I be more concerned ??


Needless to say I have not fitted the units yet.


Any advice appreciated.






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