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those darn condensers

Pete Lewis

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many have starting and misfire problems which boil down to awful aftermarket parts supply 


there's been many a tale about the empty canisters and points burning here's a copy care of the Distributor doctor which spells out 

the pitfalls and cures 


thought it would be useful





there is some sound advice on his site about many ignition myths and aftermarket quality problems 


well worth a read about coils  rota's and all



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just to add some facts into the problems , orange is not definitive


an area car has had a club shop recon dizzy condenser fail, these come from H and H I believe


it has a orange wire and cutting the unmarked canister  open there is 6.5 mtrs of 0.0005"  foil and 3 mtrs of plastic insulator film  so these are up to spec for content



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