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Plug leads/caps


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I have just noticed that my 1969 Herald 13/60 is fitted with 10000 ohm resistor plug lead caps, I'm not sure if this is right, it seems too high ?


Should it have resistor caps at all, and if so what should be the correct rating?


She is fitted with non-resistor NGK BP6ES spark plugs, and standard points, condenser & coil. 


(some misfiring under load when cold has been experienced)


Any comments, or suggestions please.



Paul Ballamy  

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you dont want resistive anything on our cars, all quite  useless,   I guess these were in the form of use for radio suppression, 


unless youre using medium wave most FM frequencies dont  seem to pick up ignition intereferences


you need all the spark you can get so youre right to never use plugs with an R in the suffix and suggest respectful disposal of the caps in the bin



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