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D Type OD Solenoid - New or NOS?


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Hi all,


I need to replace the solenoid for my D Type overdrive - it is only intermittently switching from pull current to holding current, so around 50% of the time it's quietly frying itself. Having removed the tunnel and rubber boot from the back of the solenoid, the plastic switch section has parted company from the metal tube and rotates freely, which is probably why the switch is only working part time - I'm actually surprised it's working at all.


Anyway, all the usual suppliers (Canleys, Paddocks, Rimmers) stock an unbranded solenoid looking much like the one I have that's come apart for around £35. Overdrive Repairs have a similar looking unit listed for £40 and Moss want £57 for the same item. eBay has a few unbranded and modern Lucas in the £30 ball park, but also a new old stock Lucas solenoid that looks more like the one I had on a previous overdrive unit. So, do I go for for brand new made in wherever, or a NOS Lucas?


Many thanks,



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Hello Gully.


Personally I would go for the NOS Lucas, although I would also want to know its history - i.e. has the seller had this unit from new or has it gone through a number of hands prior to his ownership ??


Additionally, does the item look well stored for a NOS item ??


If there is any doubt you can always fall back on the usual suspects.


Regards and good luck.



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