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Its normal for us to cancell the pub meeting due on December 22nd and this year is no exception


There is just too much tearing around at this time of the year and we hope to have a noggin and natter early in the new year


the pub is open so if you need to escape ...feel free.. it just wont be a supported evening.....


happy christmas Pete

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Need to add I here the pub meets are now held at The Crown PH high road , Shillington, Beds right in the centre of the membership spread

we have full use of the resturant room so everyone gets a table and we can look at some talks , techy diatribe, or whatever

always the fourth monday each month around 8pm classic modern, horse or bike , anyone in any car is welcome



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Herts and Beds will include a simple AGM in the November 26th meeting at The Raven  Hexton around 8pm

Dont let that put you off , business as usual but you will have to listen to what we have done what we will do and whats in the kitty 

The   December's meet clashes with Christmas so we give it a miss  

With 40 up for Christmas dinner on dec 1st we will start the New Year with a list of dates being always the fourth monday each month

(not the last monday )



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