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Pushrod required!


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Hi All,


Anyboby able to help me out with an 8" pushrod.

(for my Vitesse Mark 2, but also in Mark 2 2000 saloon up to ME50,000, GT6 Mark 2 and early Mark 3, basically all models with flat top pistons and  3.3" thick head I believe!)


Long story why I need one but if anyone can help i'm happy to buy one or even a set if I must :-)


Here's hoping, Jake.

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Hi Pete,


Excellent thank you, part ordered!


TBH I should have thought of Chris Witor myself as I've had a few saloons in a past life and dealt with Chris for parts for them, a very knowledgeable fella.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  :)


Best regards,



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