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GT6 III - Seat Belt mounting problem

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I am a new member.


I am just completing a 20 yrs restoration of the above car, I changed the chassis but have found that the drivers side LH seat belt mounting point (captive nut located in the chassis) has a captive nut that is loose and so I cannot tighten the bolt.


As the nut is in effect sitting inside the chassis I cannot gain access - or does someone know differently ?


So are there any other places I can mount the seat belt ?, Could I go through the prop shaft tunnel, first looks tell me that there is no space to add a mounting plate with welded nut.


Any ideas / suggestions.




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I'd suggest welding a hefty threaded insert into the hole the captive one has dropped into; something with a collar that can be dropped into the hole and then welded around as you'll need a good solid mounting point to take the strain of the belt, especially in the event of an impact.

This sort of thing springs to mind, not sure if they're available in the thread for the seatbelt bolt. No doubt the professionals among us will confirm if this is feasible.








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