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  1. How do you get your boots under the carbs? There's a huge wheel in the way...
  2. Yet they still do it, squeezing through and creating a third lane. Turns my knuckles white on the steering wheel!
  3. I once tried to use a sponge head on an angle grinder to flatten down the doors on a Mini. Zzzziiipppppp... straight through to bare metal on first touch, right along the entire length of the door.
  4. Matt is very nice, I've a great photo of a member's engine that was painted matt a few years back and it was seriously impressive. (Anyone recognise it? I don't have his name)
  5. Yes, that was my Mk1 box when first bought but seemed to be running fine. I changed to an Overdrive box within two years and that box went off to Kenya for some exotic rally, so I never found out how it performed.
  6. 'Tripe to Stoneleigh..." Amazing to think that some of the cars there were actually brand new current models. Same as Classic Shows today, I suppose... Wonder how many of those Triumphs survive? Great post from Fungus, many thanks for sharing.
  7. Here's another one: Andy is also correct - I've taken the front grille out and MAY be able to see the horns behind the front bumper exactly as in his photo. I can't confirm until I take it all off, headlamps and all, but it looks like that's the spot. That's why I couldn't find them; you can't see them from any angle, only the cable through the grille and fingertips can feel what seems like the terminals on top. That's my afternoon's work planned now. Thanks to Andy for the excellent photo.
  8. If that's where they live, it might explain 1) why I never found them and 2) why I'm not going to repair them myself. However I suspect Chris is correct, they might be fitted into one of the recesses to the end of the front rail which still necessitates taking the entire front end off.
  9. I painted my 1200 engine green due to buying two tins of BMC Green paint at Stafford around 1994. It has lasted very well and I'm not going back to black now! To be honest you can't really see the block once everything is attached. My Gt6 engine was originally red too, and the 6-cylinder is more easily seen but I replaced it with a rebuilt version in black. My Spitfire 1500 engine was gold, but that was the seller trying to convince me that it was a Gold Seal replacement.
  10. The Camping section of the official site says 2pm Friday - 4pm Sunday - I reckon that may mean the end of camping so no Sunday night.
  11. I tied myself up in knots earlier trying to decipher the Covid regulations, as most of it, for some reason, seems to deal with travelling to Northern Ireland, and not leaving it, and the England part of it just states that there are no restrictions. I can't travel to the 'Common Travel Area' if I have any symptoms. If I go directly to England (am not setting foot in Scotland, just passing through) and stay overnight I have to take a RLFT the day before I'm due to come home, then one on the second day at home and another on the sixth or thereabouts. This may cause problems with hospital visiting when I return so even with just a week or so to go it's still all up in the air - hence the chance of paying at the gate is very welcome.
  12. Northern Ireland is still emerging from those dark ages, we have limited opening 1pm - 6pm, which is all that is permitted by those odd-looking gaunt men in dark suits who stand on corners and shout "You're damned! You're going to Hell!" at passersby. Even Tesco 24hr doesn't escape them and so isn't 24hr on Sundays.
  13. You may be right, it might be to prevent corrosion and road dirt from damaging the threads, but if you think of the studs as bolts then the nut goes on the same side with those, too.
  14. Wasn't there a manual / handbook quoted here recently that stated: "Do not drink the contents of the battery"? However: if you really want a delve into today's mindset, here's an entire site devoted to 'how to wish a loved one a safe drive'. 100 of them, to be exact. In my day you just shouted 'drive safely'. Now you have to look it up online. https://motivationandlove.com/drive-safely-messages
  15. And you have to hold the horn push in with your nose...
  16. What will they think of next? That should save some guys a tenner on a Saturday night... But seriously: is failure of an electric system really any different from a cable snapping? Park in gear, turn the wheels towards the kerb, and hope it holds as long as required. I'd like to think that the electric system will fail OFF due to its' design and not come on when driving, but can only live in hope. There are sometimes little 'bonuses' with modern cars, 'hidden test menus'; on my Focus if was along the lines of: you held the rear demister switch in, put the indicator to 'right' and turned the ignition key to the ii position, any error codes would appear on the dashboard display.
  17. Didn't our parents say that, too?
  18. Look after that headlamp, have you seen the price of replacement PL700s?
  19. Goes forward of, so that the engine can be lowered backwards into position. Yours looks correct. (Hope so as all mine are like that!!)
  20. The other day I asked my daughter if she had heated seats in her Fiesta. She hadn't. I worried all the way home that I'd wet myself...
  21. More reliable, certainly, than the cars of fifty or sixty years ago. but are they as much 'fun'...? I don't mean sitting at the roadside waiting to cool down or trying to raise water from a stream to refill a radiator that you've just repaired by twisting the tubes closed, but a few spanners and screwdrivers was all the kit you needed. You can repair sensors and motherboards but you need more specialist equipment, spares and knowledge, so it's not as straightforward. Having said that of course there are exceptions for those prepared to try, and not just in cars... my other half's running machine died last month and all the websites told me to replace the motor at horrendous expense, so I stripped it down, cleaned the brushes and other bits, and it's running as good as ever now. Same with modern cars, probably.
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