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  1. That company is American, so postage would be higher even than what Canleys usually charge. I don't have a long enough camera to get it all in one shot so: It's the lower one in both photos with the centre expansion box. The other one is the mild steel version. I suspect that the rear silencer for the non-Bell version is almost a foot longer when fitted, so may make up for the shorter main pipe.
  2. Yes, they screw into tapped threads in the plate; no nut - you couldn't get access in behind anyway without drilling holes through the bodywork. (Colin, not Pete.)
  3. I've been out in the garage sorting Herald exhausts and have enough bits for two and a half cars, so was trying to find the missing silencer or price online. Firstly: I have two stainless exhausts but whilst one has remained nice and shiny the other has gone dull and almost rusty - I say almost because the tail pipe has gone crusty but the rest is just dull brown with surface rust. It's for the early Herald and has the original centre resonator box, and both it and the silencer are marked BELL. I think it came from the club shop way back in the day. First impulse is to paint it, or at le
  4. I collected a Herald 13/60 chassis from the Rugby area and took it home on a specially made trailer frame via Stoneleigh show (or was it Stafford?), so quite a drive to get there and an even more worrying one to get home again...
  5. It certainly impressed me on seriously rusty Herald parts; thanks for the heads-up.
  6. Getting mine set up for a grown-up system on Thursday; a mate's been promising for years so ran into him today. I've to bring the Mig down to him and he'll supply gas cylinders, valves / regulators and anything else required. Now we're on the road!
  7. I've started using Innotec Deblock (I think it was John D who recommended it) and have found it good stuff for seriously rusty bits.
  8. Plenty of heat, or a long soak in proper penetrating oil; alternate as often as possible without going bang... and light tapping on the side of the housing with a small metal hammer can also break the seal. The longer you treat it, and the longer you give it to soak or cool down, the better it is.
  9. Using that new out-of-focus paint again?
  10. There was a young lady of Exeter So pretty, the men craned their necks at her. But some, more depraved Went further, and waved The distinguishing parts of their sex at her.
  11. I've no idea of who came up with the idea of cutting a hole in the tunnel to fill the gearbox with oil but I had to refill one on Saturday and it was a nightmare - all the rest were refilled from underneath but a twin exhaust system stopped play on the last Spitfire. I did most of it in braille; couldn't get my head down into the footwell far enough. At one point I had my hand so far inside the tunnel I could feel the baby's head. Don't they train children for that sort of thing any more? If they could do chimneys they could do that easier than me.
  12. That poor guy's still down in Wichita wondering where his pliers went...
  13. That's what occurred to me earlier this morning - even if the plates lift off over the screws - slide back, lift - you still have the screws sticking up. Can the cover be lifted off over those? Easiest thing is your idea, John - washers or rectangular plates on screws, and just remove them all in the (hopefully) rare event of having to take the cover off.
  14. Well I've found out that the tube will pivot in the block, so it has now moved out of the way and I may be able to mount the clamp to the next sump bolt along; however the manifold is now fouling the bellhousing so needs a bit of fine adjustment... if it ain't the one thing it's the other.
  15. I'm actually getting a bit peed off with Google or Bing searches... you either find a lot of stuff from years ago (I recently replied to a post on another forum that was 13 years old, thinking I was being helpful...) or else you see some great stuff, photos of things I need for reference, then you get the same stock message for 90% of them: Why do they continue to list out of date items or pages that appear in searches but the link is long gone?
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