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Looking for a GT6 - RLC 136L


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Hi. Wasn't sure whether to post this in the introducing section or here, but I guess the purpose of me joining up is to try and find this car so here we are :)

Basically this was my dad's car back in 1983... unfortunately he passed away a few years, and my mum has no idea what happened to the car! I'd love to find out if it was still alive.

Now according to askMID it's still insured, and the MOT check site says it passed it's MOT just last week! Whether or not it has any presence online is another matter altogether I guess.

Thanks in advance for any information...



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DVLA says it's not taxed yet, odd as it would be tax exempt, maybe it's not gone through yet?

The MOT database only shows the latest MOT for your car. My Triumph has past MOTs back to 2013 when I restored it after a long lay off. My daily driver is a 2006 but it's MOTs only go back to 2009, which I think means the database started in 2009. So your GT6 has been off the road for a while,  8 years at least.  A lot of deterioration, if it's stood for that time and a big job. It didn't fail the MOT and no advisories, so I suspect a professional restoration. Also the tax is void once it's sold and the new owner has to sort it out, tax exempt or not, so the restorer's thought "No point".

There are 3 yellow GT6 mk3s on Ebay at present, one is a 72 one has the wrong plate and then there's this one! Surely not! :lol:



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Wow thanks for the info! Very helpful :)

The mileage is off on that one you linked to, compared to what the DVLA website says... but I've sent them an email asking if they could tell me the number plate. The funny thing is, that garage is less than half an hour away from me! And in fact near where the car lived (I haven't ventured far lol)

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