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I am about to refit the diff to my car and I would like to check the torque settings; or to be more exact my understanding !!

Am I correct in saying that the rear of the diff to the chassis is 38-42lb.ft and the front mount is torqued to 26-28 ?? For some reason I am doubting my own interpretation !!

Additionally the WSM shows the "front mounting plate to axle" as 35lb.ft, but then says tighten to 26-28lb.ft on reassembly.

If someone can help me out, I will be very grateful.

Many thanks.


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Richard the front mounting plate has a high initial assemble torque because you should have a wedgelock bolt fitted

this has a tapered shank at around 7/16" and a thread of 3/8"  as the hole in the plate is oversized , you jam the taper into the plate 

once its been fitted the jam effect is less so the torque is reduced Bolt 132856132856  must have thin internal star washer fitted

a std bolt will be a right sloppy fit , if they come out makes a wonderful  racket and locks the prop up . so needs to be correct


 in general  any 3/8unf  hard fixing will be around 26-31 lbft   any 5/16 unf hard fix will be 18-21 lbft


the front mount studs are  correct at   26-28 lbft  just a little lower than if it was a proper bolt 



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Thanks Pete, that does make sense and looking at the WSM more closely it says Hypoid Unit for the TW setting.............who calls it that these days ?? Why not rear diff !!




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