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Converting a Mk2 Spitfire to a folding Mk3 soft top

Peter Truman

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My daughter has a 66 Mk2 Spit with removable stick soft top, we put a new hood on around 15 years ago, & whilst it isn't leaking yet it's due for replacement as the UV here in Australia has taken it's toll.

I purchased a new US Robbins Mk3 folding soft top some years ago as a prelude for converting the Mk2 to a Mk3 folding style roof. I have access to a complete Mk3 folding frame with header rail, & can purchase from Rimmers the Rail Seal & Retainer (708251 & 629584) & the rear deck retaining angle (715842), I have 2 sets of spare hood clamps (609332 & 609331).

So what are the issues in converting to the Mk3 folding soft top;

 1. On removing the Mk2 B post roof stick holding tubes can the Mk3 holding bolts four per side be bolted direct to the Mk2 B post inside face using suitably sized and located Threaded Rivets, or is the Mk3 B post different in mounting face/profile necessitating the Mk3 B post  or part thereof to be fitted?

 2. Can the existing Mk2 Windscreen polished alloy header be used in place of the Mk3, or is the latter required to effect a good seal.

 3. I assume the door glass profile is the same for both Mk2 & 3. 

The other option is to convert the Mk3 soft top to fit the Mk2 car, by making sleeve pockets for the front and back locating bars.

Hoping some one can steer me in the right direction.


Peter T

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