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  1. DaniM thats what I did 15 yrs ago when I rebuilt the daughters Mk2, put a welsh plug in the old breather tube fitting in the block.
  2. When I worked in the UK in the 60's I worked in construction project management on Steelmaking, petro-chem & fertilizer plants, many times I had the same company steel rigger crew, who got paid on the Thursday then spent the night at the pub, equipped with their podgers and safety hats as it always ended up in a fight so they hid their money BUT got too drunk to remember where they had hidden it so they had to go round 2 next day to remember! Most of the crew knew how stupid it was but repeated the process weekly, I remember up in Scotland once the pub had sawdust on the floor reputab
  3. if i remember correctly the flasher blub is wired backwards ie the bottom centre pole is (-) and the bulb casing is positive, that's why a normal LED doesn't work.
  4. Iain were both springs the same length when unloaded, could one have been inadvertantly stretched a little increasing the load resistance.
  5. Colin re joke about my inability to post photo correctly do remember I got it halfway right so as not to offend anyone as living in Aus I could have posted upside down!!
  6. Here's a pic of the Damper Spring Test Bed, with weights, rule marked at 2.09in
  7. Iain this is what I've gleened, I wanted it for twin 150CD's I'm fitting to a Spit 1500 engine, I made a test rigup to check the springs I had, one light and one heavy as per below info, plus a shorter length spring that approximated to light, I stretched that one to the same length and it recorded 75gms at 2.09in compressed length.
  8. My Dolly has a DatsunJap Jayco one fitted it was slightly smaller OD but fitted in one piece into a modified Smiths case,you can’t tell the different face size and it works a treat. I had the Jayco that I picked up from an old neighbour when he moved.
  9. Re heater pipe I’ve always used annealed 1/2in copper pipe bent to shape with Yorkshire fittings for the tee’s I’ve never had a failure of joints (iPad predictive text put loins, Ha!) or pipe even with the exhaust manifold heat.
  10. Interesting thread never thought starter ring could/would move on flywheel. when I replaced daughters Spit starter ring I waited till the wife went out, flywheel in the freezer for an hour, and starter ring in the oven at 200 plus for 1/2hr the flywheel onto concrete patio and dropped hot starter ring on it just fell into place no assistance read and immediately locked in place.
  11. Pete ref your comment re the old solenoid positives being on the same terminal, Hi Torque starters have their own inbuilt solenoid, which can be directly wired to the battery so the original solenoid can be surplus to requirements, hence your alteration of both input and output supplies on the same terminal. You could retain the old solenoid for originality but wired as normal as well as the hi torque built in solenoid, ie split the input and output + supplies as normal, so when you turn the starter it activated the old solenoid completes the circuit supplying power to the hi torque star
  12. Colin I quoted your response to MG's to my B owning mate, he sent me the following MG club mag caption in response, and here I was thinking MG's and Triumphs had nothing in common!!
  13. There called Toorak Tractors over here, Toorak being the top snob suburb here in Melbourne. Rangies, Merc BMW Jag, Bentley and Aston 4WD on licorice strap tyres. Where we live we get all but the last two & school drop off and pick up in the village is the pits, and the mothers congregate in the upmarket local cafe after drop off so I can’t even get a peaceful coffee Don’t know if it’s the boy racer brigade but BMW headlights appear the worst re dazzling you.
  14. The B is roomier inside but that thumping engine gets on your wick compared to the smoothness of the GT6 engine, also six’s legroom excellent. The Triumph suspension is soo much better too., and styling the six leaves the B standing. I upset my friend who has aMG B by telling him it’s a cut down Morris Oxford but there again I’m a Triumph man
  15. I think the 4.5 were also fitted to the Courier Van/Estate.
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