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  1. Congrats on the 13/60 MOT success Colin why not go for a drive instead of DIY? Re gearbox I''d Gernie it first with high pressure to remove the depth of dirt etc in an area where the debris doesn't matter, then degunk it with brush etc, your going to rebuild it anyway.
  2. There are idiots all around the world, a couple of weeks ago we had Anti Vaxer rallies in Melb several thousands, then the State Gov rightly decreed that any essential worker would have to be double vaxed to attend work or stood down, that with a 2 week shut down of the construction industry which were ignoring the, hygene, 2mt isolation rule, and mask rules this brought the tradies out, all why we were under lockdown, restricted travel (5klm) and curfew. The red rag brigade took hold amalgamating the Anti Vaxers, no work essential workers and construction, the lot became very antagonistic and destructive smashing the main construction union CMFEU offices (red Rag lot) the CMFEU backed the Labour Gov't "no Vax no work policy", one time the thousands of rebel rousers ended up on the Westgate Bridge (connects east and west of Melbourne) stopping all traffic, terrifying those stuck on the bridge damaging cars etc, that night we had a 5.9 earthquake that really shook us up, you could see the house walls wave, GEE I wish it had happened 6 hrs earlier when they were on the bridge they would have SH*T themselves & stampeded off the bridge, & dissolved! The rallies went on for 3 days before the police got the upper hand, virtually arresting any one on the street without cause before they could congregate, divide and conquer. I don't see how the essential workers like Dr's, nurses, teachers, public transport, and the like can pursue their work unless their vaccinated. A lot of the larger Co's are also decreeing that no Vax no work for their employees, obviously life is still going to be disrupted even after we attain 80% double vax and we open up, hopefully around the end of the month! Welcome to Melbourne, two years ago "the worlds most livable city" to this year "the worlds longest locked down city"!!!
  3. John I agree, what's more important teaching or the Covid jab, I would have thought you have to still be alive to be taught!
  4. Early Heralds must have had Stainless Steel windscreen and rear side window strip filler bead, walking thro a scrappies nr Staithes in the early 70's saw a set on a Herald brought them and subsequently fitted them into my 68 Mk2 Vitesse, a right bug**r to fit but look very good & no shrinkage, had the common sense to take the joiners too, the windscreen bead came in two halves joined at 12 and 6 o'clock
  5. Could it be the o ring that fits under the chrome ring to the glass on a instrument gauge around 2.125in dia.
  6. Pete I was referring to my "brute force & ignorance " when I have to try to realign my Vitesse Conv body onto the chassis so the rear wheels equally fit in the wheel arch's, things changed after I had pulled the rear tub across on the chassis to correctly gap the drivers door, one step forward several back!. Your work was extensively analysed and worked out, the Vitesse is a big meccano set!
  7. Iain here's a photo of a spare vertical link I have with a brass washer soldered in, the original trunnion was damaged so I removed the steel washer and inserted a brass one, but on the actual car fitted units whilst the trunnion was off the car the steel washer was cleaned to remove any oil or corrosion, fluxed and soldered to seal. One trunnion the steel washer was quite heavily corroded and took some serious mechanical cleaning and well fluxing to get the solder to take. Don't know if JB Weld would succeed.
  8. I don't think Triumph put that much thought into it Pete well done, now I have a problem with my Vitesse"++++! Well bluntly I've got the Used rear conv body tub slightly out of line on the last setting of the door alignments/gaps right, I will have to loosen everything btwn chassis and body and pull whole body across at rear, BUG***r, then start again! Then that probably means realigning the bonnet, but there's no great science in all that re-configering "just brute force and ignorance"
  9. Opposite us a Burmese cat resides must be nearly 20 now as our Fox Hound lasted till 16 and they arrived around the same time, anyway they had a married type of relationship ie love and hate, sometimes they would get up close and sniff each other like rub noses, other times our Kimy would lunge at the cat or the cat take a swipe at Kimy, we never understood why the change in attitude, thought it might have been if the cat did it's business in our front garden, & Kimy either saw it thro the front windows or sensed it! Getting back on topic re trunnions I soldered the bottom washer into the brass trunnion to stop it draining out the oil ie keeps a reservoir of oil in the trunnion. I use a converted oil can BUT I had to modify the grease nipple as the spring in the nipple was too strong I dismantled the grease nipple cut a smidgen off the spring to reduce its strength reassembled the grease nipple ensuring the ball in the nipple still seals but the oil can can push the oil thro OK. A lot of faffing about but I have only had to do it twice ( 2 cars)
  10. Surprised with a Mk2 Diff as the Rotaflex's take a lot of the transmission load, Eon's ago when I was restoring my Mk2 I stripped the diff rear cover off to find the pinion gears brass spherical thrust washers ripped apart and sitting in the bottom of the diff, it had obviously happened early in the cars life as the shim thickness was still clearly stamped on the washer (0.037 in), the car was restored at around 75,000 miles. I simply replaced it & the opposite one.
  11. On both my Vitesse and daughters Spitfire for the pipe there's a hole off centre towards the bottom on the front diff mounting cross beam to hang the exhaust strap from, plus the one from the engine rear plate/bellhousing, plus the rear ones for the silencers
  12. I've measured my 68 2lt Mk22 saloon Seats and both the drivers and passengers seats appear to be the same, interestingly the difference btw the Conv and Saloon seats isn't what I expected ie the top of the seat back/squab isn't smaller to let the seat pass the bigger Conv B post on the Conv as per Chris's dimensions & my top roll is the bigger Mk2 @ 345mm. Attached photo has my dimensions in GREEN, the rear vertical squab appears to be the same on the saloon and convertible BUT the seat base is different the, saloon at middle 48cm vs conv at 43 and the side panel saloon 41cm vs 38, so the Conv seat base appears to be shorter, both my drivers and passenger seat are the same. I do notice from my Leyland Vitesse Mk2 Parts Manual that the seat slides are different between the saloon and convertible, Saloon RHS 806953, LHS 806052, whereas the Convertible sliders are RHS 812435, and the LHS 812434, what the difference is I have no idea. The manual also advises the actual seat Frames are different Conv, 907354, vs Saloon 905687, presumably from my above actual dimensions of the Mk2, ie the short and long seat bases? The manual also advises the seat squabs or backrests are different Saloon 712132, vs the Conv 713582, appears to contradict my actual dimensions!! The manual also lists separate front seat squab foams part No. 907711, but there doesn't appear to be a Saloon foam squab listed? A bit of thread drift here from "Electric Conversions" and maybe from DVD3500 comment at 21:18hrs 5/10th we should start a new thread "Driving Duration & Seat Comfort" I've probably been the main drifter here sorry!
  13. Thanks Chris I’ll check mine in the morning, then determine if I need to cut down
  14. Biggest problem I have with vari focal working on the car is keeping them on! Re crimps the lad I borrow them off races Jags and builds replica all alloy D and C Jags.
  15. love the car and Olive, we've had 3 Beagles, the first & 3rd definitely as Matthew says little rips the first from Bishop Auckland and came home to Aus with us in 74, the second a real little gentleman, the best dog we've had was the last a Fox Hound, sort of big, big beagle but a real softie, enjoy both projects.
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