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Touring Spain


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Hello All

            As the title says we are going to Spain this summer 13th June to 29th June.


We decided on this as we have been to Classic Spa twice and Classic Le Mans twice and as much as we enjoy the company of all our TSSC & TR Register friends we fancied a change(we stayed on after both events and toured the areas)


I spotted this


       http://www.worldgpbikelegends.com/ (my other love)


So we have booked the ferry Portsmouth to Santander and 3nights accomadation at Jerez.


Now we just have to work out a good tour and we wan,t to see Gibraltar(not take the car in as I hear its a slow process)


So we are open to suggestions as to routes and places to stay(we wan,t to do mountains etc)




ps car is a Triumph Spitfire 1500





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