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A post rust/rot Triumph Spitfire 1965


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Good evening everyone,

I need some advice on how to weld in a new patch on the A post(s) on my Spitfire. As you can see from the photos I thought it would be an easy repair but after taking the initial section out the rust continues inside the A post but seems okay further down on the inside of the post and the outside. Any ideas of how to replace?

Thanks Oli




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I’d be inclined to remove the panel at the front, preferably by drilling out the spotwelds and popping it off as a complete panel, which you can then repair and then plug weld back on.

This then allows you access to the back panel to remove all the rust and weld in fresh metal, confident that there is nothing lurking.

Well worth reading this guy’s experiences with similar repairs on his Renaults, very instructive.



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