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  1. The South African accent still catches me out, as well pronouncing G’s as H’s, particularly in people’s names. Still not sure I believe you about Australian wildlife. No update this week as in the words of Jesse from the Fast Show, ‘This weekend I have mostly been doing gardening and DIY!’, so no progress on the car. Which was probably not a bad thing, as I’ve just realised I’m almost out of gas, so before I make a start on the passenger side, a trip to the farm shop is in order. Karl
  2. The engine is looking very good there Colin, and nice save on the backplate. Probably best to forget about the tub for the moment, I’m sure something will turn up. Karl
  3. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Pete, I’ve been working in IT long enough to have a flexible attitude to deadlines. Pete T, you may have rust free cars, but you also have a plethora of wildlife out to kill you! I work with a bunch of South Africans, and even they don’t want to go to Oz! Colin, I might be purchasing another metal working tool shortly....... Karl
  4. Thanks Pete, the aim is to get the tub fully welded by the end of this month, but not sure I’ll make that deadline. Karl
  5. Just when you thought it was safe to back in the garage, and maybe even open the garage door, it starts snowing again! Although I have been off this week, I haven't been able to devote my whole week to the Herald, instead having to drive to Cornwall on Wednesday to pick up an Ercol sofa that Mrs B had managed to score on E-bay. If nothing more it was a nice day out, and good road trip, probably the first since 2019. I have also made a start on sorting out the downstairs loo after last year's leaky waste pipe incident, which has all meant only a couple of afternoons in the garage this
  6. Colin, probably a good idea putting the tub to one side for now, as it does look very Frankenstein! I’m sure something will come up regarding a decent replacement tub. Karl
  7. And how would you know that Colin? So excited that I keep polishing it! I don’t think he’s a guy anymore. I once had to explain this to a colleague of mine after a meeting with our IBM account team, one of whom had recently had the op. He just couldn’t get his head around the fact that someone would have their Crown Jewels removed, and spent the afternoon just saying over and over again, ‘Why would you do?’. Karl
  8. Pete, I wish it were still £4K a year! Like your son I work in IT, and changed companies 2 weeks before lockdown commenced last year, so have spent a grand total of 8 days in the office since joining the company! Not a big deal as my team are scattered over the Southern Hemisphere, from Australia to Africa, and South America, so not like I would be bumping into them in the office anyway. Now the company are looking to reduce time in the office to 2-3 days a week tops, so even when we go back I should see a reduction in commuting costs. And I was under the impression that se
  9. Pete, far be it from me to tell you how to spend your money, on shall we say your other hobbies, e.g. cross dressing, but maybe fewer dresses for the weekend and a new welding helmet would be money well spent! Or have I misunderstood you? I don’t get overtime either, but at least I’ve had a year of working from home, and not paying exorbitant sums for the ‘privilege’ of commuting into central London. Karl
  10. That looks like its been a full on weldathon! Kudos for going to the effort of sorting it all out before selling it on. If nothing else, you should get top dollar for it now. Karl
  11. Pete, it’s a Lincoln Electric Viking, from Rapid Welding see link below: https://www.rapidwelding.com/dynamic/Category.aspx?c=LINCOLN-WELDING-HELMETS&o=0&zl=2&sq=17 It was a 50th birthday present, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to justify that sort of money. Having said that, it is million miles from my old one, and I haven’t really tried playing with the settings yet, and given the amount of welding still to be done, is probably a good investment long term. Karl
  12. Adrian, I am amazed at the difference the new mask makes. It’s not just the larger field of view, so you’re not peering through a letterbox, but the clarity of the view, particularly at the arc. It makes it much easier to control the weld, because you can actually see what’s going on. Colin, like you need an excuse to spend money on tools! I meant to say in my last post that the repair panels came from Rimmer’s, who were actually very competitive on price on these. Matt, like you I never throw anything away, and have a box of all the odd bits of steel that I have cut off th
  13. Colin thanks for confirming that. I figured it was, but couldn’t for the life of me remember what had been there originally. Thanks again. Karl
  14. Matt, I’m definitely getting a bit quicker, with much less faffing around, and the welding is becoming much more predictable. The helmet certainly helps with the latter, as you can see so much more, and more clearly too, so no needing to keep taking the helmet off to take a look. Colin, given the rounded ends to those indentations, the easiest method would be to build a former out of wood. I’d be inclined to cut the ovals out of thin piece of ply, something that is the same thickness as the depth of the indentation, and then screw that section of ply to a much heavier piece of w
  15. I’m currently rebuilding the boot corners of my Herald, including the L-shaped lower boot sides, and the floor itself in the corners where the body is bolted to the chassis. So my question, is the reinforcement section welded to the boot floor and sides? This is the second time I’ve done this repair, and I can’t remember what was there originally, though to be fair that wasn’t actually much physically left! I’m assuming that these should all be welded together, but it would be great to get a definitive answer. Thanks Karl
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