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  1. I'll give James Paddock a call and see what they say. Thanks!
  2. County don't seem to have direct website. Where is the best supplier to buy from please? Thanks
  3. Hi clive, Thanks for all the info. I'll call Mick and Dave tomorrow to see what they have. Seems like I may have found some Vandervell bearing but just need to know sizes after the engine inspection this week. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I am just doing some research on new oversized pistons for my 1965 1147cc Spitfire engine which is currently at the machine shop being inspected and measured up. It currently has .030 oversized bores and will need to go to either .040 or .060 (depending on how the inspection goes this week). I found this an incredibly helpful comparison between NOS and aftermarket pistons (http://www.wbclassics.com/tech/tr6/engine/triumph-tr6-cast-piston-comparison). My engine builder is old school and specifically asked me to find NOS pistons if I could and didn't like the quality of County, although I know their quality has dramatically increased over the last few decades (and possibly even overtaken AE). I was wondering if anyone has a set of NOS .040 or .060 pistons so I can compare prices and see what the engine builder would prefer to use? I'm based in North Yorkshire and learning as much as I can, being in my early twenties, from those who have been engine rebuilding for decades so just want to see whats out there before I go in head first! It seems like NOS valves, tappets, rings seem to be a little easier to find which is good. Are these considered the best quality or is there an aftermarket supplier in the UK thats best to buy these engine overhaul components from? Have a look at my car on my profile, I did all the bodywork over university summer holidays a few years ago but now I'm on with a full mechanical/chassis/suspension rebuild during the COVID lockdown! Many thanks, Oli
  5. Hi DannyS, Did you remove the b post finishing caps to fit your hardtop? The rear of mine is all fitted now but is out by a centimetre or two on the top lip of the windscreen frame. I think taking off the b post caps would help free up some space? many thanks Oli
  6. Good morning, I am about to renew my insurance on my 1965 Mk2 Spitfire. The past year it has had a respray, fibreglass bonnet attached whilst I can spend more time fixing the original, suspension overhaul and many other bits changed and added like wire wheels... See pictures for more. Before I called around I wanted to ask what it may be worth after being bought for £4750 a couple of years ago or if the price has changed at all? Many thanks Oli
  7. Hello, Does anyone have a nicely chromed set of front overriders for Mk2 Spitfire? Thanks
  8. Thanks DannyS, I think your plan is a far better option than using the swivel pin handles and engineering the windsrceen frame to fit the 'fitting plates'. Many thanks!
  9. No I haven't yet bought them I was just wondering if anyone had some previous knowledge of fitting the Ashley hard top to a mk2 but it doesn't seem to be the case! Is the 'bubble' type hardtop a similar fitting and if so has anyone fitted one of these before? Thanks
  10. Good evening, Does anyone have any first hand experience fitting an Ashley hard top (as pictured) to a mk2 Spitfire? The two fitting handle pins that tighten up into the holes on the top of the windscreen are too loose and therefore I thought these plates (see pics) would be the right idea? Take the aluminium cover off the top of the windscreen (again) and then find a way to fit them, however I think they'll stand too proud and therefore will not fit underneath the aluminium cover when re-attached. Attached are the two photos and then an email response from Mick Dolphin explaining the predicament a bit further! Thanks!
  11. Still looking! Unfortunately Colin Lindsay couldn't find them...
  12. Hello, Has anyone got any sizes needed for racing number circles for the Spitfire doors and hardtop roof? Thanks, Oli
  13. Hello, Does anyone know where I can find a pair of these please?!
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