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Wiper Arm Removal


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Hi all,

The simple answer to this, I know, is that they just pull off. Sadly as you can imagine from this post that is not the case....

The wiper arms on my car (TR6) are on the wrong sides, the n/s (straight) one just pulls off no problem. The o/s (bent) arm though refuses to budge.  When you pull it the spindle moves slightly away from the wheel box but still in the wiper arm.  There looked to be a hole/pin through the arm into the spindle but i could neither turn or move it in anyway so resorted to attempting to drill it out.  Sadly that seems to have done nothing.  Is there some sort of secret catch or magic password I should be using?

As always any assistance, guidance, or irrelevant humorous thread drift welcome.



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There are tool drags for removing modern wiper arms , but never seen one (yet) for our old spline driven as theres nothing to react against

Generally a big wide bladed screwdriver twist levering between the arm and the wiper box nut area will prize the arm off the spline 

Just Dont skid and mess the paint up

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