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Steering column sliding movement

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Hi all,

I have finally gotten around to removing my steering column to replace the steering wheel and the top bush. Yes I know you don’t have to take the column out to remove a steering wheel but trust me this one put up a fight right to the end and involved a big hammer on the back of the aftermarket boss. The bush took a fair bit of persuading to, even more the spare column which had two up the spout so to speak. Anyway, getting back to my question....  I want to replace the inner column with another spare I had as the splines and thread are better. However, there is about 40mm difference in length. My understanding is that the bottom part of the column should slide into the upper part (safety feature) and be lightly clamped in the correct place. However, both of my examples seem solid (all clamps are off). Is my thinking correct and any ideas how I free it up to slide appropriately.?

Many thanks,


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Yes, the bottom half should slide in and out of the top half, but like all things Triumph they seize up because they don't get slid very often. When I refurbished mine I clamped the upper half in a good bench vice and hammered the bottom half in a bit, then twisted it with a spanner, hammered, twisted, and eventually it freed up. If you have a spare lower coupling (or half of one) you could fit that to the bottom spline and bolt a steel bar to it to get some leverage for twisting. Plenty of PlusGas and possibly a bit of heat will also help.

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Thanks nonmember.

Well, that was typical classic car...

After the forces applied to the column yesterday trying to get the bushes out I was expecting this to be a task and a half. It wasn’t. Plenty of plus gas, vice, two mole grips and a twisting action and came out easy!

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