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  1. My recollection, which may not be accurate, is that the vent and drain on my Mk3, which may not be original, exit through a hole in the bottom of the inner wing where it drops below the boot floor.
  2. I think the spacers are generally considered "fit as needed". They may originally have been more consistent but small variations are likely to have developed over time, particularly during a rebuild, and are probably best accommodated with selective spacer use rather than trying to bend the body back to fit the chassis exactly as it originally did.
  3. I think, given the type of plug used, there would be little option but to enlarge it by the same amount.
  4. I wonder... I know the Mk3 Spitfire camshaft runs in bearings, unlike all the others, because it's a carry-over part from the Mk2 engine. That presumably means the 1200 block has a smaller line bore than the 1300, but I wonder whether they commonised it on late engines? The difference in bore is 1/8"
  5. My Spitfire ran on (quite badly) the last time I drove it, which is unusual. However, it has a slow coolant leak and the level had got low, so the engine was unusually hot, which is a common trigger for running on.
  6. No, all Vitesses had glass bowl, interchangeably with tin-top on Mk3 GT6, possibly others. The early vs. late difference that matters is the 1600/2L up to HC4500 engine vs. later Mk1 and Mk2 blocks. The pump moved, so the operating arm is a different shape. My Vitesse used to be an early engine and is now a later type. The fuel pump was only one of many things that aren't compatible between the two.
  7. It fits into the larger diameter, shallow bit. It should be a tight fit but one type of plug will fit slightly loose until you hammer it, I think. They're the ones you fit flat side out. It's a while since I did one (and that was a Mk1 2L Vitesse engine).
  8. Well, probably, but not absolutely. It is possible that it's an engine noise that only happens under load, so you get it when driving but not when revving gently at idle.
  9. Saloon or estate? I seem to recall the estate boot floor has a removable section over the spare wheel which is locked in place and released using a tapered square "key" that you store in a little pocket near the rear lights. It could be that latch.
  10. Also worth noting that the factory spec for running temperature changed in the '70s, so a 1500 engine in a Mk3 Spitfire (like I have) probably should read 3/4 in normal running.
  11. It's a boot or tailgate latch off something but I'm not sure what.
  12. I know I'll get in big trouble for this but my sense of justice demands that I point out that "Mr Toxic" was not the only person posting toxic stuff in that thread, and his most toxic comments were prompted by some of the other toxic attitudes. So please don't all go victimising one single scapegoat over what is actually a systemic issue with many of us. Take the plank out of your own eyes first.
  13. No doubt in the Daily Fail or some other example of utter sensationalist tripe, which some people choose to believe in preference to actual facts because it plays into their prejudice. Yes, it is. It's the most significant material fact in relation to the objection that you raised, because you claimed: and that's clearly demonstrated to be UTTERLY IRRELEVANT in the context of that material fact. So don't go dismissing other people's statements as "not a material fact" when you've been raising your pathetic tirade purely on the basis of things that are clearly not material facts. That's hypocrisy of the highest order.
  14. That depends on the age of the TR7. Early ones used the Dolomite rear axle, which I'm fairly sure has the same flanges as the Spitfire. Later ones got a version of the SD1 axle and were probably different.
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