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Nitro Acrylic Car Paint

Mark B

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Hi all

I need to buy some more paint for the Vitesse as I seem to have lost a couple of litres from the 5 litres of cellulose I bought years ago. I know there could be issues matching the existing shade so was going to buy another 5 litres. The place I originally bought the paint has long gone, so was looking at 1k paint and assumed this would be Nitro Cellulose. I was going to go with a Lechler Macrofan Mac 5  as this was offered by a couple of suppliers and from previous experience I rate Lechler products. Looking at the spec sheet it is a Nitro Acrylic paint, not Nitro cellulose. I am sure it is a good paint but wondered how it compares to cellulose, or is all solvent based paint now Acrylic. Any ideas?


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