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Triumph Tune Inlet Manifold what will it fit.


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Hi Chaps.

I have acquired a Triumph Tune (TT18549) inlet manifold and single Webber card I believe it is to fit a TR3.  I don't have a use for the so I will be selling by an auction website.  The guy who I got them from as a thank you for waiting for him to collect a car he had bought can't remember what they came of possibly a kit car.  I have tried researching online and by searching forums have come up with no more information, other than company on ebay selling them.  Does anyone know if it will fit any other engines or anything else about the manifold.

Thanks in advance.

2018-10-11 11.48.36.jpg

2018-10-11 11.48.25.jpg

2018-10-11 11.51.27.jpg

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