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TR7 lifting points

Colin Lindsay

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I've finally got the GT6 back on four wheels so next on the lift is the TR7.

I think(!) the four lifting points are straightforward thanks to the photo I pinched off the TriumphExperience TR7/8 forums; some helpful poster has circled four points in red, but there are still some small points I want to clear up before putting the lift through the floor of the car whilst trying to get it off the ground.

On each of the two front lifting points there is a small stud, about an inch long, that supposedly locates the jack Bottom left of photo you can see where one has been removed). My lifting pads are flat so I'll need to move inboard of these; is the floor still sufficiently strong to lift the car slightly inwards of these studs ie with the pad touching them? (Both my front floor pans are stove in, almost domed now, where the circular marking is in the photo due to POs being insufficiently careful about lifting the car, so there seems little room to manoeuvre). These circular areas, two front on the floor pans and two rear on the chassis arms are apparently NOT lifting points.) Should I use modified drilled pads to allow the stud to fit and so jack right on the factory point?

At the rear point there are two tie-down brackets and both of mine are squashed almost flat. I can lift at this point and just squash them flatter, or what is the alternative? The rear subframe arms would do but that's not ideal for working on the rear suspension.

Any ideas?


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